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Warning! Pelican™ Case Warranty Might Not Cover Your Broken Case.

It’s no secret, Pelican™ makes a great case. Pelican™ Cases are heavy duty and they have a lifetime warranty to back it, but today we learned the Pelican™ case warranty did not cover our broken cases… Here at Case Club we have always loved Pelican™ Products, but recently had a warranty claim denied and the reason might surprise you.

2 broken pelican 1550 cases
Broken Pelican™ 1550 Cases (Warranty Denied by Pelican™)

Believe it or not, the Pelican™ case warranty does not cover cases which have been damaged or abused. The warranty only covers cases that have failed due to workmanship or daily use. Essentially in our situation the damage to our Pelican™ case was deemed (by Pelican™) abuse, and therefore we are not covered.

This whole situation left us very confused. We were always under the impression the Pelican™ warranty extended beyond just workmanship. After all what company doesn’t warranty their product against poor workmanship? We always thought the lifetime guarantee covered any breakage and all abuse, but after having this claim denied it was clear our understanding on the “lifetime guarantee” was misunderstood. We reached out for further explanation on the matter and a Pelican™ rep was kind enough to break it down in a little more detail.

That response was very much appreciated, but also unexpected. If UPS or FedEx breaks your Pelican™ case, you might be instructed to file a claim with them first before the Pelican™ Warranty department will look into it and from our experience that’s not the most pleasant thing to do. From there it can be assumed based on their warranty guidelines if Pelican™ determined UPS or FedEx abused the case in the act of breaking it, the warranty claim will be denied.

I think our preconceived notion stems from Pelican’s™ more liberal approach to claims in the past. They likely warrantied a lot of cases which they didn’t have to. In fact digging deeper into their history their slogan quietly changed over time. Perhaps due to customer confusion over their warranty guidelines.

Pelican™ Products changed their slogan

With that said we have no problem with Pelican’s™ warranty. As a private company they can write and modify it however they see fit. This post is merely an informational one to help others struggling to understand what the Pelican™ warranty covers. We are in the case industry and recently discovered our understanding of it was incorrect so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume others might need clarification as well.

If you do have further questions or need to contact Pelican™ regarding a broken case please visit their warranty page and contact them directly for more assistance. Details of their lifetime warranty can be found here:

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Case Club vs Pelican™. What is the difference?

tdlr: Case Club cases offer extreme durability just like Pelican™, but at a much lower price point

We are often asked what the difference is between a Case Club case and a Pelican™ case. Today we are looking to explore that question and provide insight into the Case Club brand as compared to a Pelican™. Before we begin it goes without saying Pelican™ is known for excellence and their quality is superb. We have always admired Pelican’s products and much of the inspiration behind our cases have come from them.

Case Club cases are 100% dustproof


When designing Case Club cases it was important for us to retain the same characteristics as Pelican™. Our cases needed to be: waterproof with a built in rubber gasket, made to withstand high impact, have padlockable holes, durable folding handles and all the hardware needed to be stainless steel to prevent rust. Using Pelican’s quality as the baseline for our cases was helpful in improving on their design.


In regard to durability, Pelican™ cases are extremely rigid and won’t flex. In most situations this serves them well however (some) minor flex is actually good. A hard hit to a Pelican™ case will crack it, whereas some flex will absorb the impact and not actually break the case. We have spent a lot of time ensuring Case Club cases are stout, but still have a small amount of flex that makes them extremely impact resistant. In extreme conditions this is the difference between a case cracking and case surviving.

In regard to the case exterior you will notice unlike Pelican™ our cases have a lot more surface ribs on the outside. These ribs provide extra deflection points when shipping. They are low profile and rounded so the case will more easily glance off objects. Furthermore these structural ribs also increase the strength of the case shell.


It’s no secret Pelican™ cases are expensive. You pay for their name brand which is out of budget for most people. Our mission with Case Club cases is to price everyone in the market. Our goal is to make quality cases at affordable prices so instead of asking why put something in a case, you ask why not put it in a case. Affordability is really important to us because customer satisfaction is heavily dependent on paying a fair price.


Unlike the past, customer’s have choices now when it comes to cases. You don’t have to sacrifice quality with affordability. Case Club cases incorporate everything we love about other brands and excludes the things we don’t. We have built our business around quality cases that everyone can afford. Our cases have been battle tested and can be found all over the world. Get a Case Club case today and you won’t be sorry.

Case Club cases can be found all over the world

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Where can you buy just the customizable foam for your Pelican Case & not the whole foam set?

Most Pelican Cases come with customizable foam. This foam can be customized to a specific item. What happens if the specific item changes to a different item or you accidentally messed up the foam?
Unfortunately Pelican does not sell just the pluck foam layers for their cases. They only sell the entire foam set (lid foam & base foam) most of which you don’t need.

I present to you our customizable foam page:
Measure the dimensions of the customizable foam sheet you need to replace & enter the dimensions on that page. From there you can easily order only the replacement customizable foam you need & save money not having to order the whole foam set. Generally it works best if you measure the customizable foam piece you already.

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What does a purge valve do?

Any case that is waterproof should have a purge valve. It lets air flow freely in & out of the case, but prevents water & dust from entering. A purge valve is important on watertight cases because the atmospheric pressure at different altitudes will cause the pressure inside of the case to be different than the outside.  This causes a vacuum & will prevent the case from opening. For example take a plunger and push it down on smooth tile or glass. It will be next to impossible to remove the plunger because you’ve created a vacuum. In essence the atmospheric pressure within the plunger is different than the outside.

This concept works the same with cases. In a real life example if you travel from Florida (at 0 ft above sea level) to Iceland (6,920 ft) above sea level your case will most likely break or significantly disfigure without a purge valve.

There are two main types of purge valves. Automatic purge valves found on most cases such as Pelican or SKB & manual purge valves found on lesser known brands. If the purge valve is automatic you don’t have to do anything to make it work as it functions automatically as you travel. Manual purge valves on the other hand usually require you to push a button to release the pressure. Be careful though! If your case has a manual purge valve it could already be disfigured or damaged by the time you reach your destination which defeats the purpose of a purge valve altogether.

Finally remember… If someone says a case which has an automatic purge valve (like Pelican or SKB) is airtight they are wrong. The case is not airtight, but rather watertight because as you just learned an airtight purge valve would be pointless!

Automatic Purge Valve found on Pelican Cases.
Automatic Purge Valve found on Pelican Cases.

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What is the least expensive waterproof case you can buy?

So you need a waterproof case, but want to avoid spending a ton of money on a name brand like Pelican? Well you’re in luck. Nowadays there are so many case manufacturers competing for your business you can still get “Pelican Case” quality at a much lower price.

Here is a top 5 list of waterproof (military spec) case companies from most expensive to least expensive. As a professional I would be happy using any one of these for my shipping needs.

5) Pelican Cases

4) Storm Cases

3) Nanuk Cases

2) SKB Cases

1) Seahorse Cases

Seahorse cases are just as rugged as Pelican, but at a fraction of the cost
Seahorse cases are just as rugged as Pelican Cases, but at a fraction of the cost!



As a bonus if you have one of those military surplus ammo cans it can be converted to a waterproof gun case by using our Ammo Can Foam. Nothing is less expensive than that.

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Pelican vs Storm vs SKB. Which case do you choose?

Short answer with all things considered we choose: SKB Cases

logo[2]Long Answer to understand the short answer:

Currently the top 3 case manufacturers are Pelican, Storm & SKB. Well… Kind of. Lets clarify a few things first by going back in time a few years.

Pelican was the innovator of waterproof cases. They were the first to market & by far the largest case company in the word. Most industries recognize the Pelican brand & for good reason. Their cases Pelican-Logo[1]are some of the best money can buy. Storm cases on the other hand (once owned by a company called Hardigg) was #2 & SKB was still an unknown brand. As time past & competition grew more fierce between Pelican & Hardigg a change occurred. Pelican bought Hardigg & therefore inherited their Storm cases. They chose to keep the Storm line & sell them as “Pelican Storm Cases.” That’s why Storm cases are priced almost exactly the same as Pelican cases.

Pelican-Storm-Logo[1]After the Hardigg acquisition by Pelican they raised prices on both the Storm line & Pelican line likely because there was no competition. They owned the market. By raising prices however they opened an opportunity for smaller waterproof case companies to enter the market. That’s when SKB started to lead the pack. They created cases which had the same features & lifetime warranty as Pelican yet they offered the cases at a more affordable price. Although the SKB case brand is not as recognized as Pelican the quality is still on par. In essence by purchasing SKB you’re buying quality & a lifetime warranty, but not the “Pelican” name brand.

Therefore, all things being equal I would choose a SKB case as it gives you the best value for your money.