It’s no secret, Pelican™ makes a great case. Pelican™ Cases are heavy duty and they have a lifetime warranty to back it, but today we learned the Pelican™ case warranty did not cover our broken cases… Here at Case Club we have always loved Pelican™ Products, but recently had a warranty claim denied and the […]
tdlr: Case Club cases offer extreme durability just like Pelican™, but at a much lower price point We are often asked what the difference is between a Case Club case and a Pelican™ case. Today we are looking to explore that question and provide insight into the Case Club brand as compared to a Pelican™. […]
Most Pelican Cases come with customizable foam. This foam can be customized to a specific item. What happens if the specific item changes to a different item or you accidentally messed up the foam? Unfortunately Pelican does not sell just the pluck foam layers for their cases. They only sell the entire foam set (lid […]
Any case that is waterproof should have a purge valve. It lets air flow freely in & out of the case, but prevents water & dust from entering. A purge valve is important on watertight cases because the atmospheric pressure at different altitudes will cause the pressure inside of the case to be different than […]
So you need a waterproof case, but want to avoid spending a ton of money on a name brand like Pelican? Well you’re in luck. Nowadays there are so many case manufacturers competing for your business you can still get “Pelican Case” quality at a much lower price. Here is a top 5 list of […]