3 Gun Competition Case

$ 224.95

Fits AR15, Shotgun & Pistol
Precut, Fully Customizable Foam for Almost Any Configurations
Holds a single AR-15 or AR-10 Rifle, a single Shotgun, and a single full size pistol
Holds up to 5 standard or pmag (30-rd) magazines (2 in the dedicated pockets plus 3 in the bottom left accessory pocket)
Holds up to 6 extra pistol magazines when magazines stacked on top of each other
Allows for a forward (vertical) grip, laser or flashlight mounted directly under the rail of the rifle
Accommodates all major scopes & optics within a 3.89″ height for the rifle
Accommodates optics up 2.82″ tall on the shotgun
Case is weatherproof & dustproof
Comes with a pressure release purge valve
Compact design leaves no wasted space
Hydro absorbent silica gel canisters included to help prevent rust
Comes with divider piece of foam to separate the shotgun from the lower contents of the case
Waterproof accessory box included for your small items
Foam insert is (closed cell) military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean
Case is padlockable
Comes with 2 locking latches and a set of keys
Integrated wheels for easy transport
Case is Airline Approved for checked luggage
Manufactured in America
Does not accommodate side attachments on any of the firearms

Padlockable (with customer supplied padlock)


Maximum Allowable AR15/AR10 Dimensions:


Maximum Allowable Shotgun Dimensions:

The Case Club 3 Gun Case Case is 2nd to none in terms of quality, convenience, and affordability. In short, it is the best 3 Gun Competition Case on the market. The precut foam in the base will fit an AR15 or AR10 rifle with up to a 20″ barrel & collapsible stock, along under barrel attachments and optics. The base also holds a full size pistol (also with room for under barrel attachments and optics!), extra rifle and pistol magazines, and extra accessories. The lid fits the shotgun as well as the included small waterproof accessory box. Velcro straps ensure the shotgun and the box do not move around while the case is in transit. The case also comes with 2 silica gel canisters to help keep contents dry. Once the silica gel is saturated just pop it in the oven to cook out the moisture & use it again. The case itself is weatherproof, wheeled, dustproof, & has a built in pressure equalization valve for changing altitudes. It is heavy duty enough to ship or check on an airplane and can handle all the abuse from TSA agents. Five built in heavy duty latches ensure nothing gets in or out. Two latches are even keyed for extra security (set of keys included). Padlockable holes are built right into the case, and can take standard sized padlocks so you can be guaranteed this case is safe & secure. The foam insert is closed cell military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean if wet or oily. The foam is perforated above and below all of the firearm cutouts so you can remove the foam (with included knife!) as needed to customize the insert for your unique optics and attachments. This case is compact, organized, uses all available space to the fullest, and perhaps best of all, is affordable!

3 Gun Competition Case - Specifications

Compatible Firearms

  • AR15 Rifle
  • AR10 Rifle
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Semi-Auto Pistol

Compatible Rifle Accessories

  • Scope or Optic
  • Under Barrel Attachments
  • Over Barrel Attachments
  • Aftermarket Stock
  • Aftermarket Flash Hider

Compatible Shotgun Accessories

  • Optic
  • Buttstock Padding or Extension
  • Pistol Grip
  • Over Barrel Attachments
  • Under Barrel Attachments
  • Buffer Tube Extension

Compatible Pistol Accessories

  • Optic
  • Under Barrel Attachment

Additional Information

Interior Dimensions51.56"L x 12.37"W x 5.50"H
(1,310mm x 314mm x 139.7mm)
Exterior Dimensions54.62"L x 15.50"W x 6.00"H
(1,387mm x 394mm x 152mm)
Shipping Weight27.00 LBS (estimated weight of the product with packaging such as a cardboard box)
(12.25 kg)
CharacteristicsWaterproof, Shippable, Crushproof, Outdoor Use
HardwareWheels (Tilt Wheels), Padlockable, Hinged Lid, Built in Locks (option), Pressure Equalization Valve
Rifle / Shotgun TypeAR Pistol, AR10 Rifle, AR15 (Short Barrel), AR15 Rifle, Shotgun (30" Barrel), Shotgun (33.75" Barrel), Shotgun (35" Barrel), Shotgun (Over Under), Shotgun (Sporting), Shotgun (Tactical)
Pistol TypeFits Semi-Autos
Case MaterialPlastic
Manufacturing MethodPrecision Cut, Injection Molded
Manufacturing OriginUnited States of America
Extended TitleFits AR15, Shotgun & Pistol
Detailed Foam Layout

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin

    Please measure your magazines & compare them to the following dimensions. The magazine slots are cut to 8.38"L x 1"W. If the 25 round .308 Pmags are anywhere close to that, then they would fit as the foam does have some flex to it. Anything greater than about 1/2" from those dimensions will likely be too tight.

  2. Answered by the admin

    Yes, we can re-design this case to hold any rifle or shotgun provided it is physically possible however it would be a custom project and the price would be more expensive. (The cost is generally double from an off-the-shelf case such as this). If you are interested in perusing that project please call or email us for more information to get started.

  3. Answered by the admin

    The foam in this case is already pre-cut. Although some trimming using the included razor knife is expected to fit some of your unique accessories & optics, the overall foam is already pre-cut ready to go. It is intended to get you 95% there and you should only have to do very minor adjustments based on your setup. For reference the image below shows how the foam will arrive. With that said, don't plan on your KSG fitting. The cutout for the shotgun in the lid is definitely nothing close to the KSG nor is the lid depth deep enough. The shotgun for the lid is better suited for a Remington or a Benelli type shotgun. The only case we have pre-cut for the Keltec KSG is our Kel-Tec KSG & Std. Mfg. Co. DP-12 Shotgun Case, but of course it will not hold a rifle as well.

    [caption id="attachment_5575" align="alignleft" width="980"] Detailed Foam Layout[/caption]
  4. Answered by the admin

    The pistol cutout will not naturally fit your desert eagle however it is not that far off. The case comes with a razor knife for custom trimming & it does look like the pistol cutout could be modified to fit your desert eagle. Please refer to the image below for an idea of the custom trimming required. From the look of it, the barrel may overlap with the pistol cutout.

    Regarding your ACOG with RMR it all dependes on the dimensions. After mounting it to the rifle, if it is within 3.89" tall it will work. If it is taller than 3.89" then it will be too tall.

  5. Answered by the admin

    Although we are not against trying to fit it in there, we currently have no data to build an opinion on. Generally speaking the rifle would likely fit if it was within the max dimension limit, but there would probably be empty space around certain parts of the rifle unless you spent some time trimming the foam with the included razor knife.

  6. Answered by the admin

    Yes, this case will hold the Mossberg 590 shockwave however the foam is not naturally cut to accommodate the shockwave stock. You have two choices... You can either leave the foam as-is which would leave an empty space around the stock or you can use the included razor knife to cut the foam in that area so it contours around the stock. Either choice would fit the shotgun, but trimming the foam would aesthetically look the nicest & likely help secure the gun a bit tighter.

    Highlighted below in blue is a a rough approximation of what cutting would be required to have the foam contoured.

  7. Answered by the admin

    Here are the dimensions of both the overall foam length and rifle length. (51.56", 41.72")

  8. Answered by the admin

    The foam would likely need a complete overhaul. The AK47 cutout is a large enough difference that this product would have to be re-engineered to function properly. We can definitely create a custom product for you, but since it does not yet exist, pricing & lead-time would increase. Feel free to contact us to coordinate the custom foam insert if you choose to go that route.

  9. Answered by the admin

    The short answer is that the M1A SOCOM will only fit into the AR cavity if several non-natural cuts are made into the foam. In the image below, I have overlaid an M1A (blue line) over the AR shape (black line). In some areas, such as the buttstock, the M1A will need extra cuts. Luckily the 3 Gun Competition Case comes with a knife so these kinds of modifications are possible.

  10. Answered by the admin

    We currently do not sell the foam separate from the case. Due to the fact the lid foam has Velcro to hold the gear in place, it requires plastic backing to be glued into the lid for it to properly function. In other words there is a level of manufacturing required that most users will have trouble duplicating in their own cases. Also the dimensions of this case do not match any of the Pelican case sizes. If you were interested in paying for custom foam we could set this up for your Pelican case, but considering the cost would be more than this "off the shelf product," it would likely make more sense not to go that route.

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