Dehumidifying Silica Gel Canister


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Removes Moisture Inside Case


  • Reusable : (can be put in an oven and "recharged")
  • Directions on how to use are stamped right into the outside container
  • Viewing window notifies you when it is time to recharge
  • 1 canister protects 3 cubic feet
  • Tin container will not rust

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The Dehumidifying Silica Gel by CaseClub absorbs dampness inside the case and protects anything that can be damaged from rust, mildew, and fungus caused by moisture. This Moisture absorbing pack protects guns, electronics, and many other things, preventing condensation from trapped air when a case is in damp, high humidity climates.

Dehumidifying Silica Gel by CaseClub comes as one 40 gram unit per pack which will absorb in and trap moisture for up to 3 cubic feet of enclosed space. The gel pack is ideal if you’re storing a gun, camera or telescope within the case. Tool boxes, silver drawers, and other types of storage containers can also be benefited. CaseClub’s top grade silica gel is contained within a compact aluminum canister that measures only 4″ x 2″ x 1/2″; it has a built-in indicator that alerts the user when the pack needs to be reactivated. Dehumidifying Silica Gel by CaseClub is very easy to reactivate in any oven as per enclosed directions and has a lifetime guarantee of use.

Dehumidifying Silica Gel Canister - Specifications


  • Reusable : (can be put in an oven and "recharged")
  • Directions on how to use are stamped right into the outside container
  • Viewing window notifies you when it is time to recharge
  • 1 canister protects 3 cubic feet
  • Tin container will not rust

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Extended TitleRemoves Moisture Inside Case
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In Depth Look at Dehumidifying Silica Gel: “More than you ever wanted to know”
Silica Gel by CaseClub is a granular, vitreous, highly porous form of silica made synthetically from sodium silicate. Despite its name, silica gel is a solid.

The silica gel pack is created as beads packed in a semi-permeable plastic. In this form, it is used as a desiccant to control local humidity in order to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods most likely rust. Because of poisonous dopants and their very high adsorption of moisture, silica gel packets often bear warnings for the user not to eat the contents. So please don’t, no matter how tasty Caseclub’s silica gel may look. If consumed, the pure silica gel is unlikely to cause acute or chronic illness, but would be problematic nonetheless. For reference cat litter is a form of silica gel which works very similar to this (Dehumidifying Silica Gel by CaseClub is odorless however).

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin

    The directions to the silica gel canister are actually stamped right into the tin on the outside. In short there is a window in the middle of the canister in which you can see the bead's color on the inside. The beads will start one color and as they absorb moisture overtime change to a different color. Once the beads are saturated the whole canister can be popped into an oven and baked for 3 hours at 350F which will remove the moisture and rejuvenate the beads (changing them back to their dry color). Assuming you follow the directions on the outside of the tin, the rejuvenation process can be done indefinitely. The time it takes for the beads to change color and require an oven bake will heavily depend on how humid the environment is. If you are asking from Florida you can expect to do this process often while an Arizona resident may never have to.

  2. Answered by the admin

    Your confusion is understandable as there are currently no written instructions clarifying the plastic wrapper. Please remove the plastic wrapping and dispose of it. The canister is intended to be used without any plastic. The plastic wrap is only to ensure the canister remains moisture free until the customer receives it.

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