What is the least expensive waterproof case you can buy?

So you need a waterproof case, but want to avoid spending a ton of money on a name brand like Pelican? Well you’re in luck. Nowadays there are so many case manufacturers competing for your business you can still get “Pelican Case” quality at a much lower price.

Here is a top 5 list of waterproof (military spec) case companies from most expensive to least expensive. As a professional I would be happy using any one of these for my shipping needs.

5) Pelican Cases

4) Storm Cases

3) Nanuk Cases

2) SKB Cases

1) Seahorse Cases

Seahorse cases are just as rugged as Pelican, but at a fraction of the cost
Seahorse cases are just as rugged as Pelican Cases, but at a fraction of the cost!



As a bonus if you have one of those military surplus ammo cans it can be converted to a waterproof gun case by using our Ammo Can Foam. Nothing is less expensive than that.