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What Cases Offer High End Durability Without the Expensive Price?

Most people are familiar with Pelican Cases. They are of course some of the toughest cases out there, but they tend to be fairly expensive as well. For a consumer spending a little extra on a name brand case like Pelican, might not be a big deal, but for OEM applications an extra $20-$30 per case will add up quickly when you are purchasing hundreds or thousands of cases. Any manufacturer knows there is a fine line between saving money yet still offering a quality product. You can purchase inexpensive cases to save money, but if they are breaking all the time or your industry simply expects better quality then you will run into trouble. On the flip side if the cases you are purchasing are excellent quality, but the price is really expensive you may price yourself out of the market or eat into your profits.

What is the solution?

This case is significantly less then $100 in Medium to High Volume. Call to find out how much less!
This case is significantly less then $100 in Medium to High Volume. Call to find out how much less!

Introducing Case Club’s inexpensive line of durable, waterproof, shipping cases. Our line of Inexpensive Shipping Cases offer superior quality at an affordable cost. The durability of these cases are on Par with Pelican cases, but their cost point is significantly less. They fulfill the void between non-durable inexpensive cases & high cost name brands. These cases are similar to Costco’s “Kirkland” brand or cola’s “RC Cola” brand.


They are made very similar to the higher end Pelican type cases, but are not given the large marketing budgets nor do they carry the overhead that comes with a name brand. These cases are perfectly suited for medium to high volume OEM applications that require quality packaging which don’t necessarily need name brands. Customers love the quality of these cases and your business is sure to love the price.

Keep in mind the pricing you see online for these cases is retail. Expect your pricing to be less when ordered in quantities. Please call us and we would be happy to supply you with a quote based on your volume. We guarantee pricing will 30%-50% off comparable Pelicans.

Finally we offer custom screen printing for these cases, so if you want a company logo on each case they can easily be branded just for you.

Check out our low cost durable cases here:

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How can you prevent the TSA from going through your expensive luggage?

This one is more of a life hack. If you travel all the time with expensive equipment and want to ensure nothing is stolen or broken by the TSA buy a starting pistol. You know, the ones that are fired directly in the air to signify the start of a race. Track and field events use them all the time. They can be obtained for cheap and don’t require any background checks or paperwork however they are classified by the airlines as a firearm. That may sound scary, but in reality we can use the airline’s rule in our favor. Once you have the starter pistol throw it into your luggage. It doesn’t matter if your luggage contents consist of expensive camera equipment, a microscope or a delicate drone.

Once you check your bag in, declare the firearm with the clerk. A special inspector trained in firearms will check it out and verify the gun is safe. Then they will mark your case appropriately so no other TSA agents will be allowed in after that point. You will then be instructed to lock the case. At that point throw any lock on it. The lock doesn’t even have to be TSA approved. Any lock will do. In fact use a heavy duty non TSA Masterlock if possible which will make your luggage that much more secure.

So there you have it. Protect anything you have of value from the TSA when flying by purchasing a starting pistol. Please note: Airlines require your firearm to be in a hard-sided container so don’t try this trick with your soft sided luggage.

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What cases are large, yet light weight?

It seems the larger the case you buy, the heavier it gets. This is especially true with cases like Pelican. It’s often a big problem because the item(s) you’re putting inside the case may be large, but not heavy. What cases are shippable yet light weight?

The answer can be found in our light weight case section:

For example this case made by Pelican (29.13″L x 20.69″W x 17.63″D) is 48 lbs.

Pelican 1660 is 48 lbs
Pelican 1660 weighs 48 lbs

While this case is larger, (36.50″L x 21.50″W x 18.25″D) & only weights 32 lbs.

CC3621MRSK weights 32 lbs
Case Club CC3621MRSK weights 32 lbs

Keep in mind both cases shown above have a lifetime warranty & are ATA approved for rough shipping so although you’re giving up 16 lbs, you’re still getting a quality shipping case.

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What cases are best for giveaways & promotions?

Every case has a purpose. Some are made to withstand a tornado while others are perfect for selling with your product. We have a wide selection of cases including cases which are inexpensive & perfect for giving away with your product or using as a promotion. The following case families look good and function well, yet are very reasonably priced (especially when ordering in higher quantities).

Light Duty Cases
Case Club Light Duty Cases
Flambeau Tradesmen & Merchant Cases
Case Club Economical Aluminum Cases

These cases are perfect if you’re a manufacturer in need of inexpensive cases to ship out with your products.

Be sure to call us for volume discounts to ensure you’re getting the best price! 1-877-412-2737

Don’t forget about our custom labeling options. Nothing beats having your logo on a case!