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What foam is best for guns?

Here at Case Club we do a lot of gun cases & often get asked which foam to go with. Obviously the answers depend on circumstances, but 90% of the time the best foam for gun cases is polyethylene (abbreviated PE) . Polyethylene is hands down the best for gun cases because unlike polyurethane, polyethylene is closed cell. What does that mean you ask? Closed cell foam prevents moisture from absorbing into it. Have you ever seen those foam noodles kids play with at pool parties? Notice that they don’t absorb water like a sponge would. The same can be true with the oils from your gun or the rain from the field. No matter how wet PE foam gets the liquid stays at the surface so it can be wiped clean.

On the other hand if you use open cell polyurethane it will get extremely gross over time. It will absorb moisture, oils, & cleaning solvents causing it to break down much quicker than PE. Hope that answers the question for all you gun lovers out there!

Case Club's closed cell polyethylene foam does NOT absorb water
Case Club’s closed cell polyethylene foam does NOT absorb water

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Do you need a TSA lock when transporting firearms on a commercial flight?

No you do not. It’s a common misconception that you must have a TSA approved lock when checking in guns on a commercial flight however that is not the case. If you choose to lock non-firearm baggage a TSA lock is required (or else they will cut your lock off). When it comes to guns however use a normal lock. In fact a normal lock actually prevents the TSA from tampering with your firearm after it has been checked. When you first check your gun in, the TSA agent will inspect it to ensure everything is safe. From that point no other agent needs to inspect the case hence a normal lock is the way to go.

With that being said how do you know what a TSA lock is?

Any lock with this symbol is a TSA approved lock:


For example these locks are TSA approved locks & can be used to lock any non-firearm luggage:

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But when it comes to guns be sure to use something like these instead:

Heavy Duty Master Lock
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Medium Duty Lock
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