You can never go wrong with silica gel in your case. Especially if you will be in a humid or wet environment. In short silica gel absorbs the moisture in your case which will help prevent rust, mold & water damage. It is especially important to use silica gel in a waterproof case because the […]
Any case that is waterproof should have a purge valve. It lets air flow freely in & out of the case, but prevents water & dust from entering. A purge valve is important on watertight cases because the atmospheric pressure at different altitudes will cause the pressure inside of the case to be different than […]
So you need a waterproof case, but want to avoid spending a ton of money on a name brand like Pelican? Well you’re in luck. Nowadays there are so many case manufacturers competing for your business you can still get “Pelican Case” quality at a much lower price. Here is a top 5 list of […]