Xbox One X/S Portable Gaming Station

$ 295.95

Game on the go with Case Club's Xbox One X / S Portable Gaming Station! Patent Pending.

Compatible Gaming Consoles

  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One S

Main Features

  • 19.5" Built-in HD (1600 x 900) Monitor with 5ms response time
  • 2 Controller Slots
  • Up to 4 game slots.
  • Accessory Pocket for connectors
  • Pad-lockable
  • Waterproof Case
EASY TO USE: Connect your Xbox One X or S to the HDMI, strap it in, plug in the power cords, and start gaming! EASY TO TRAVEL: Your Xbox can stay strapped in and connected during transit and operation. Our case is waterproof, shockproof, dust proof, features a pressure relief valve, twist lock latches, heavy duty handle, and 2 padlock holes. * Original Xbox One is not supported ** Console, controllers, and games NOT included. Estimated 1 Week Lead Time

Padlockable (with customer supplied padlock)


The Case Club Xbox One X/S Portable Gaming Station is designed to let you take your gaming experience to both the next level, and to the next location!

Simply strap in your Xbox One X or Xbox One S and travel with peace of mind knowing that your Xbox One X or S is secured in the toughest gaming case on the market. Once at your destination (or along the way) just plug in the monitor and console power cords and you’re good to game.

Xbox One Mobile Gaming Station - 2 controllers and 4 gamesYour Xbox One X or S can stay strapped in and connected during both transit and during operation (no need to disconnect or remove the console).

The case is waterproof, shockproof, dust proof, and the interior foam is specifically cut to form fit your Xbox One X or S, 2 controllers, 4 game cases, and cords. Hook and Loop straps securely fasten down all of these items to protect against unwanted movement.

The vibrant built-in 19.5″ LED HD+ Monitor with dual internal speakers will bring your gaming experience to life where ever you go.The Case Club Xbox One X/S Portable Gaming Station comes with an HDMI cable pre-connected to the monitor that can be immediately hooked up to your Xbox One X or S.

This product will not fit the original Xbox One, only the Xbox One X and S models. Xbox One X, S, controllers, and games not included.

Patent Pending.

Portable Xbox One X/S Gaming Station - Specifications

Compatible Gaming Consoles

Gaming ConsolesXbox One X
Xbox One S
Controller Slots2 Custom Cut Slots for Original Xbox Controllers
Game Case SlotsUp to 4 Standard Xbox Game Cases
Additional PocketsAccessory pocket for connectors

Monitor Features

Resolution1600 x 900 Pixels HD+
Screen RatioTrue 16 : 9
High Contrast Radio5,000,000: 1.20 inches LED HD+ Monitor
Screen Dimension19.5 inches Diagonal corner to corner
Response Time5ms
SpeakersBuilt In Dual Speakers

Case - Main Features

  • Waterproof – MIL-STD-810F and IEC 60529: IP67
  • Impact Resistant – MIL-STD-3010C
  • Dust Proof
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization System
  • Twist Lock Latches
  • Heavy Duty Handles
  • 2 Padlock Holes (Fits standard size padlocks)

Additional Information

Exterior Dimensions19.75"L x 15.53"W x 7.48"H
(502mm x 394mm x 190mm)
Shipping Weight15.50 LBS (estimated weight of the product with packaging such as a cardboard box)
(7.03 kg)
CharacteristicsWaterproof, Shippable, Crushproof, Outdoor Use
HardwareNo Wheels, Padlockable, Hinged Lid, Pressure Equalization Valve
Case MaterialPlastic
Manufacturing OriginUnited States of America
Manufacturing MethodPrecision Cut, Injection Molded

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin

    An external hard drive could sit in 1 of 2 places depending on how large it is. If small enough it could fit sideways behind the console where all the cords are intended to go. Even after the cords are wrapped in that area, there is extra room. Alternatively an external hard drive could sit next to the controllers on top of the games. Going either route you would want to wrap the drive in something soft so it cannot damage the monitor during travel. You would likely need a solid state drive which is thinner (& more compact) than a disc.

  2. Answered by the admin

    Normally international flights have 110V outlet to plug into. Assuming your flight had a 110V plug, you could use a power strip to plug the console & TV into and then plug the power strip into the plane with no battery needed. Be advised, you might be tight on space trying to fit the case in front of you to play. We have not yet done research on a compatible power bank.

  3. Answered by the admin

    Yes. This product will come with a loose foam separator that separates the screen from the base.

  4. Answered by the admin

    Based on how our current production line is setup we will not be able to accommodate any customization for lower quantities.

  5. Answered by the admin

    This high definition PC monitor, but does not have anit-glare functionality built in.

  6. Answered by the admin

    This case is not PS4 compatible. It only fits the Xbox. We are in the process of creating a PS4 version that should be done in the next few weeks.

  7. Answered by the admin

    Yes, our portable gaming station can be carried onto a plane as carry-on luggage. In the event you would prefer to check it, the case can also be checked without issue.

  8. Answered by the admin

    There is a dedicated power plug for the monitor. Just plug it into any 110V outlet and you're good to go. For reference this system will require 2 outlets for power. One for the xbox & one for the monitor.

  9. Answered by the admin After testing both 1080p screens and 900p screens in our Gaming Station Case, we determined the difference between the two options (on screens smaller than 20") is not noticeable. By using a 900p screen instead of the 1080p screen. we were able to keep costs down while ensuring our Gaming Station remains water tight and highly durable with a lifetime guarantee on the shell.

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