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6 Pistol Case

The 6 Pistol Case by Case Club holds up to 6 handguns and 22 additional magazines of various sizes. The 6 pistol case is ideal for those who need to transport & store their handguns safely. If you happen to leave the magazines in the handguns during transportation, that brings the total up to 28 magazines that can be held in the case (along with the 6 handguns). The case is made in a way which allows for quick draw capability for the users, and easy-open latches allow for quick access. The foam is a tough military grade polyethylene that will hold up to constant use and the case itself is guaranteed fcaseclub series casesor life against breakage & defects, so you know your pistols will be safe for years (and even decades!) to come. The case includes moisture-absorbing silica gel to help keep the firearms rust free, and has the option to add locking latches for secure shipping that is compliant to TSA baggage "handlers."
6 Pistol Case

YouTube Video Here

Please Note: Video shows old design. Refer to images on the left for the updated design. The new design has more magazine slots!

6 Pistol Case
Price $ 155.12

Make it a Pelican Case +$121.02

Case Color:
Add Locking Latches +$25.00

Purchase This Foam Only for the  Pelican 1520 Case (no case)


Lifetime Guarantee on the Case

  • Holds up to 6 pistols with 22 extra magazines
  • Case is 100% Waterproof, & Dustproof
  • Case is high-strength polypropylene
  • Hydro absorbent silica gel included to prevent rust
  • Foam insert is (closed cell) military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean
  • Case is padlockable
  • Case is Airline Approved for checked luggage
  • Quick draw design
  • Compact design leaves no wasted space. (Outside Case Dims. 19.75" x 15.53" x 7.48")
  • Max length of pistols is 8 5/8"
  • Not intended for revolvers or snub nose pistols. (See our 6 Revolver Case which properly fits revolvers)
  • Manufactured in America

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