What cases are large, yet light weight?

It seems the larger the case you buy, the heavier it gets. This is especially true with cases like Pelican. It’s often a big problem because the item(s) you’re putting inside the case may be large, but not heavy. What cases are shippable yet light weight?

The answer can be found in our light weight case section: https://www.caseclub.com/product-category/case-club-cases/carrying-shipping-cases/filters/order-ASCpa_total-measurement/manufacturing-method/vacuum-formed/

For example this case made by Pelican (29.13″L x 20.69″W x 17.63″D) is 48 lbs.

Pelican 1660 is 48 lbs
Pelican 1660 weighs 48 lbs

While this case is larger, (36.50″L x 21.50″W x 18.25″D) & only weights 32 lbs.

CC3621MRSK weights 32 lbs
Case Club CC3621MRSK weights 32 lbs

Keep in mind both cases shown above have a lifetime warranty & are ATA approved for rough shipping so although you’re giving up 16 lbs, you’re still getting a quality shipping case.