Precision Rifle Case (Gen-2)

$ 249.95

Fits Precision Rifle & Pistol
Holds a single Precision Rifle with the bolt in or out of the gun Max length of rifle is 36.10" measured from the front of the Grip to the Tip Accommodates all major scopes & optics within a 3.70" height Accommodates bolt action & semi-auto rifles Fits compact or full size semi auto pistols Comes with a pressure release purge valve Hydro absorbent silica gel canister included to help prevent rust Waterproof accessory box included for your small items Foam insert is (closed cell) military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean Integrated wheels for easy transport Case is Airline Approved for checked luggage
  • Gen-2 Upgrades Include:
    • Stainless steel added to padlock points for added security
    • Orange peel texture added to exterior finish to minimize scratches
    • Structural ribs added to outside of case for increased durability
    • 3rd handle added to wheel side for 2 person carry
    • Front handle length increased to help counter balance off center weighted loads
    • Wide bodied snap latches that can be used with gloves
Please refer to our Ruger Precision Rifle Case with Folding Stock if you have that specific rifle

Padlockable (with customer supplied padlock)

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The Case Club’s Precision Rifle case is the best there is. The precut foam will fit most common precision rifles, and will possibly be the last rifle case you will ever need. The case also holds your bolt (in or out), 3 rifle magazines, full size or compact semi auto pistol, two pistol magazines, silica gel canister (included), and waterproof accessory box (also included). The case itself is waterproof, wheeled, dustproof, & has a built in pressure equalization valve for changing altitudes. It is sturdy enough to ship or check on an airplane and can handle all the abuse from TSA agents. Four built in heavy duty latches ensure nothing gets in or out. Padlockable holes are also built into the case, which can take standard sized padlocks so you can be guaranteed this case is safe & secure. The foam insert is closed cell military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean if wet or oily. The foam is perforated above and below the rifle cutout so you can remove the foam (with included knife!) as needed to customize the insert for your unique optics and attachments. The pistol cutout is also perforated so a compact fits just as snug as a full size. Reusable silica gel canister is included to remove moisture from within the case. Once the silica gel is saturated just pop it in the oven to cook out the moisture & use it again. A waterproof accessory box is also included, and it is perfect for storing your cleaning supplies and small tools. The lid holds a foam combination of convoluted (egg crate) & closed cell polyethylene, specifically engineered to hold everything down perfectly. This case is compact, organized, & unique in the industry!

Precision Rifle Case - Specifications

Compatible Firearms

  • Precision Rifles (<50.57") including Ruger Precision Rifle
  • Semi-Auto Pistol

Compatible Rifle Accessories

  • Scope
  • Palm Shelf
  • Bipod
  • Under Barrel Attachments

Additional Information

Interior Dimensions50.30"L x 13.50"W x 5.00"H
(1,278mm x 343mm x 127mm)
Exterior Dimensions52.75"L x 16.00"W x 6.00"H
(1,340mm x 406mm x 152mm)
Shipping Weight25.00 LBS (estimated weight of the product with packaging such as a cardboard box)
(11.34 kg)
CharacteristicsWaterproof, Shippable, Crushproof, Outdoor Use
HardwareWheels (Tilt Wheels), Padlockable, Hinged Lid, Pressure Equalization Valve
Rifle / Shotgun TypePrecision Rifle, Ruger Precision Rifle, Savage 10BA, Savage 110BA
Pistol TypeFits Semi-Autos
Case MaterialPlastic
Manufacturing MethodPrecision Cut, Injection Molded
Manufacturing OriginUnited States of America
Extended TitleFits Precision Rifle & Pistol
Legal Disclaimer

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q I bought a Savage Model 10/110 LE Series.Will it fit this case? answer now
    Asked by John Artis Hightower on June 17, 2020 10:37 am
    Answered by the admin

    Provided the rifle is no longer than 49.1" then this case will work well for your Savage.

  2. Answered by the admin

    Assuming your Savage 110 BA Stealth matches the length we have on file which is 50.5" long, then it will work as this case supports a max rifle length of 50.57". Please verify your rifle length before ordering.

  3. Q When will they come out in OD Green? answer now
    Asked by Gary on January 9, 2020 1:22 am
    Answered by the admin

    We have no immediate plans to sell this case in OD Green (or any color other than black).

  4. Answered by the admin Your concern is logical however it is a common misconception in the industry that the gun must face a certain way to be protected. We've put together a blog post that does a good job explaining why it does not matter how the gun is positioned. With that said we can do a custom case, but you would be looking at double or triple the price of this product.
  5. Answered by the admin

    The foam in this is case is glued in and not easily replaceable. This product is intended to be customized for a specific rifle & after that customization you cannot swap it out for a different one. If you need to protect more than one rifle please consider multiple cases or our long universal rifle case.

  6. Answered by the admin

    The M91/30 Mosin Nagant would likely be better suited to our Long Universal Rifle Case. The Precision Rifle Case may work, but it was designed using modern rifle models, so the Mosin Nagant is unlikely to fit naturally.

  7. Answered by the admin

    Our hunting rifle case would be better suited for this rifle. However your concerns regarding the stock are justified. The extra padding on the end of the stock would appear to be an issue as it extends beyond our standard perforations. I believe the foam could be trimmed to a point the rifle would fit, but it would leave no foam between the butt pad and the case wall. Alternatively if the butt pad could be taken off it would also fit. Assuming those 2 options are unacceptable, the best option would be a custom foam insert for that specific rifle, but of course the cost would be more then an off-the-shelf product such as this.

    The following image is a depiction of the rifle overlaid in our hunting rifle case. *The image of the rifle has been purposely mirrored for visual representation.

    [caption id="attachment_85598" align="alignnone" width="980"] Bergara B-14 Rifle Overlaid in Case Club's Hunting Rifle Case[/caption]
  8. Answered by the admin

    It does look like the rifle will fit. You will have to remove the buttstock perforations in the foam to extend the cutout length, but that is why those perforations are there.

    However please find the dimensions of the buttstock cutout below and check them against your measurements on the actual rifle to verify.

  9. Answered by the admin

    This rifle should fit with a reasonable amount of cutting. All the main cut lines are already in place for the Savage 10 Evolution. You will need to use the included razor blade to connect the (pre-existing) perforated lines to accommodate your specific setup. I have highlighted the lines below that you will likely need to connect in order to properly fit the rifle. The exact lines to be connected may vary, but the following diagram should give you an idea on the work that will be required. It does appear to be within the scope of the product and won't require an unreasonable amount of modification on your end.

  10. Answered by the admin

    Please measure the overall length of the rifle. It appears your rifle is somewhere between 49"-52.50". That is important because this case will only fit the rifle if it is 50.57" or less. If the rifle is less than or equal to 50.57" then it will fit in this case. There are perforations for a bi-pod already cut so the bi-pod would fit if the gun fit. The pistol cutout does come pre-cut in the foam however you do not have to use it as the foam will still be fully functional without a pistol.

  11. Q Which case would be best for an Armalite AR-50A1 with scope and bipod? answer now
    Asked by Lamoine Leonhardt on October 26, 2018 12:40 pm
    Answered by the admin

    Assuming the AR-50A1 is standard length at about 59.5" long, it definitely won't fit into this precision rifle case. At the time of writing this we do not have a premade case to accommodate that rifle. You might consider our Case Club CC601883ISK Case which is 60" long if your rifle is truly less than 60". Alternatively if you were willing to separate the upper from the lower we could find a shorter case, but I would need more details regarding the dimensions of the parts. Custom foam is available as well for an additional cost. Please reach out to coordinate those details if intersted. 877.412.2737

  12. Answered by the admin

    Since the rifle is 43.75" long which is within the 50.57" max length, it will fit.

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