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Tactical 4-Pistol Backpack Gen 2

The Tactical 4-Pistol 2nd Generation Backpack by Case Club has it all. Developed by Case Club after months of feedback from shooters like you, this backpack is your mobile armory. The main compartment snugly holds up to 4 semi-auto pistols in an upright fashion. Everything from your compact to a full size 1911 will fit. The zippers for the gun compartment can be locked with a padlock making this backpack a legal locking container in the car & safe from prying eyes. A built in rain-fly ensures nothing gets wet if the weather turns south. Multiple accessory pockets hold all your gear including caseclub series casessafety glasses, targets, ammunition, hearing protection & spare magazines. MOLLE straps wrap the backpack & are ready for your gear. Strap knives, flashlights, canteens, etc if needed. A strap across the chest ensures the backpack stays in place while hiking. This is perfect for range time, camping, hiking & disaster preparedness.

Tactical 4-Pistol Backpack

Tactical 4-Pistol Backpack Gen 2
Price $ 89.95

  • Hands free transportation to and from the range or on the trails

  • The foam cradle is designed to fully protect and hold 4 handguns

  • Holds small & full size pistols

  • Twin side pockets store 6 extra magazines each along with all your gear

  • Pull-out rain cover protects gear in case of a sudden downpour

  • Built in Molle straps allow you to attach extra gear to the outside

  • Lockable heavy-duty zippers provide added security for the gun compartment

  • Front chest strap ensures backpack stays in place when hiking

  • Durable zipper para-cords for easy zipper location

  • Side compartments hold everything you would bring to the range or need while camping

  • Includes ammo cup and strap for securing rolled targets

  • Silicon-padded top carry handle

  • Thick, moisture-wicking padding on backpack straps and rear panel

  • Rigid sides help backpack to stand freely

  • Dimensions: approx. 19 H x 16 W x 10 D

  • Max length of handgun is 8 5/8"

  • Not intended for revolvers

  • Directions for adjusting the foam for perfect cushioning

  • Extra gear & guns depicted are not included

  • 2nd Generation improvements include:

    • Better, water resistant zippers

    • Stronger material

    • Upgraded & Improved stitching

    • Extra shoulder strap reinforcement buckles for heavier load bearing

    • Longer shoulder straps to accomidate body armor & comfort

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