Breakdown FN PS90 Case (Gen 2)


prime eligible

Standard version holds FN PS90 (or P90), five magazines, and accessories
Fits up to 16″ barrel upper receivers, with optics attached
Please note you will receive the “New Design” shown in the diagram
Case is lightweight
Foam insert is standard polyethylene
Case is Airline Approved for checked luggage

Padlockable (with customer supplied padlock)

Case has a Lifetime Warranty

Accepted credit cards Amazon Pay available


Additional Information

Interior Dimensions18.80"L x 13.10"W x 4.35"H
(478mm x 333mm x 110.49mm)
Exterior Dimensions21.50"L x 17.25"W x 4.80"H
(546mm x 438mm x 122mm)
Shipping Weight11.00 LBS (estimated weight of the product with packaging such as a cardboard box)
(4.99 kg)
CharacteristicsWaterproof, Shippable, Lifetime Warranty, Crushproof, Outdoor Use
HardwareNo Wheels, Padlockable, Hinged Lid, Built in Locks (option), Pressure Equalization Valve
Case MaterialPlastic
Manufacturing MethodInjection Molded
Manufacturing OriginUnited States of America
Version Standard Version | FN 5.7 Version
Rifle / Shotgun TypeFNH PS90, P90
Legal Disclaimer

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

California Proposition 65

You may have heard that everything gives you cancer – if you live in California. The reason is that it is a California state law that requires businesses to provide reasonable warning about the use of any chemicals the state has decided could cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The list of chemicals and substances is extensive - currently totaling approximately 900.

For those consumers who live outside of California, you are not accustomed to seeing Prop 65 Warnings everywhere you go to shop, eat, buy groceries, fix your car, and are even posted at amusement parks.

We have no reported cases of our products causing harm or danger to anyone. We believe in the safety of our products and we meet all the applicable safety requirements. We are unable to test against the 900+ chemicals listed for Prop 65 and to 100% certainty, and therefore, in an abundance of caution, we have placed the warning on our products to be in compliance with this California regulation. You will also see the Prop 65 warning on products that you buy outside of California, because we are unable to determine our products’ final retail destination.
For any questions you may have about our products and California Prop 65, please contact us.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Answered by the admin

    This insert is not available in polyurethane foam.

  2. Answered by the admin

    The case itself is a little too short to fit an assembled PS90, even a short barrel one. If we turn the gun diagonally, then although the rifle may fit, we would run out of room for any optics. Overall it looks like we would need to do customized foam in a slightly larger case. Please email with your request & the overall length of your rifle and we will be able to find a case and quote you.

  3. Answered by the admin

    Yes, this case does come with all the foam plugs left in place for the exact reason you are inquiring about. They can be left in if you are not using those cutouts. That sounds like it would meet your satisfaction, but let it be noted; any modification to the insert (such as only having the bottom portion cutout) would be considered custom & have an additional cost.

  4. Answered by the admin We do not currently have a design that fits the FN509 Tactical pistol instead of the FN57, although it looks look it would only take some minor customer-side cutting modifications to allow the FN509 Tactical pistol (without optics) to fit. The 10 round and 17 round FN509 magazines would fit with a little extra cutting as well, although the 24 round magazines likely will not fit. To get the foam form-fitted to your pistol, we would need a tracing of the pistol and its magazines sent to us for a new custom foam job, which would have increased lead time and costs (call (877) 412-2737 for a custom foam quote). The factory foam for this design is unfortunately not a sale item.
  5. Answered by the admin

    *Yes, but with an asterisk. If the charging handle is on the bottom side (going down), there is only 1/2" worth of foam below the gun. Therefore it would not fit. If the charging handle is on the top side going into the lid there are 2 possibilities that would work. Either it overlaps with a magazine and you will have to sacrifice one of the magazine slots to allow for the relief or it ends up in between magazine slots at which point you could carve out a relief in the foam for it to fit.

    A Update on the man kave charging handle. The total width is an inch so it only adds half an inch. It makes the upper stick out a bit but still fits nicely.
  6. Answered by the admin

  7. Answered by the admin Martin, No problems on answering questions. As far putting in a putting in the pistol as well, I think we may be exceeding the capabilities of the case's size. The best workaround solution I can think of is to: 1) Purchase the FN-57 version of the case 2) Use a knife to connect two of the magazine slots in the lid together in the shape of the stock extension 3) Test fit by trying to close the case with all parts inside. If more depth is needed, move to step 4 4) Use a knife to cut a hole in the 0.25" loose divider foam piece between the lid and the base (where the stock extension hits it) 5) Test fit again by trying to close the case with all parts inside. If more depth is needed, move to step 6 6) Use a knife to cut out the 0.25" flatpad in the back of the lid hole. This buys another 0.25" of depth On paper this plan works, but of course there is still inherent risk. Same as last time, attempting the above modifications makes the case non-returnable.
  8. Answered by the admin Martin, The largest accessory pocket, in the top left area of the base of the case, measures 4.5"x3.25"x1.75". Cross-checked with the dimensions you gave me for the stock extension, which should roughly measure 4.72"x3.0"x1.75", the stock extension is about 0.22" longer than the pocket. It may still fit, albeit tightly. Some additional work-around solutions: -Combine the two top right pockets into one pocket with a knife, creating a big 6.9"x4.4"x1.75" pocket -Extend the top left pocket all the way to the case's wall with a knife, which adds about 0.38" to the length and width Please not the two above work around solutions, once implemented, will make the case non-returnable.
  9. Answered by the admin

    We can indeed do a custom foam insert to be form fitted for specific rifle setups. To do this, we would need a tracing of the rifle or (if you are local) the rifle itself in order to get the cutout shapes correct. The downside to going the custom foam route is that pricing and lead time are significantly increased from our stock pre-made options. With our stock PS90 Case, the Imperial Arms Receiver will actually fit with only minor customer-side modifications in the area circled in blue.

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