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Case Club Pre-Cut Pistol Case

The Case Club Pre-Cut Pistol Case holds one handgun and 2 magazines in pre-cut foam. Made for those who need a quick, easy, and secure method to transport & store a semi-auto handgun, this case holds almost any sized pistol nice and snug. The Pre-Made foam cutout has removable foam sections that can form fit your pistol whether it is a subcompact, compact, full size, or even a pistol with an under-barrel attachment. The case itself is guaranteedcaseclub series cases for life against breakage & defects so you know your pistol will be safe for years and even decades to come. The foam is a military grade closed cell polyethylene that will not absorb liquids (like gun oil) and can be wiped clean. This is the smallest case in Case Club's Pre-Made Pistol Case line, so if you have more than one pistol check out our other pre-made handgun cases.

Pre-Cut Pistol Case

Pre-Cut Single Pistol Case
Price $ 39.95

Make it a Pelican Case +$26.99

Lifetime Guarantee on the Case
-Holds one pistol and 2 magazines
-The foam is closed cell polyethylene pre-cut to fit almost any semi-auto pistol, even with under-barrel attachments

-Lifetime Guarantee, you'll never need another one!

-Comes with precision cutting blade

-Case is 100% Waterproof, & Dustproof
-Case is crushproof
-Case is padlockable with small padlocks
-Case is Airline Approved for checked luggage
-Manufactured in America
Max Pistol Size

Case Accessories Recommended with Purchase of This Product:
Medium Duty Combo Lock TSA Cable Combo Lock
Security Seals    

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