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Discreet Universal Rifle Case | 46.00" Long

The Discreet Universal Rifle Case by Case Club is ideal for the rifle owner who does not wish to draw attention in a public place. Often attention to your firearm in public place could result in an uncomfortable situation or higher theft risk, so avoid it completely with this case! The design utilizes an actual base-guitar case (with the stock interior removed) that is both nondescript and easy to carry. The case holds rifles up to 46" in length, plus accessories. The foam comes in several layers, so you can customize the depth to properly fit your firearms. The case itself has a lifetime guarantee, an ergonomic rubber handle, 4 latches (one of which can be locked shut), and is affordably priced. Perfect for transportation through public areas, just hope nobody asks you to play a tune...
Discreet Universal Rifle Case
Discreet Universal Rifle Case
Price $ 224.99

  • Interior case length is 48", recommended max rifle length is 46"
  • Exterior Dimensions:48.75"L X 17.00"W x 5.25"D
  • Holds a variety of firearms and accessories
  • Convoluted foam allows for a secure fit
  • Case shape allows rifles to be discreet
  • Trigger release latching system
  • TSA recognized and accepted locking latch
  • Cushioned rubber over-molded handle

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