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AR-15 Rifle Carry Case

The Case Club AR15 Rifle Carry case is the best deal on the market today. The precut foam will fit AR15 rifles with a standard 16" barrel & collapsible stock, as well as your rifle magazines, full size or compact pistol (semi auto or revolver), pistol magazine, & more in the generic accessory pocket. Four built in latches ensure nothing gets in or out of the case, and four padlock holes are built right into the case for added security. The foam insert is closed cell military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean if wet or oily. The foam is perforated above and below the main AR15 cutout so you can remove the foam (with included knife!) as needed to customize the insert for your unique optics and attachments. The pistol cutout is also perforated so a full size pistol or revolver fits just as snug as a compact. The rifle magazine cutout can hold up to two 10, 20, or 30 round regular or pmag magazines (223/556). The lid holds convoluted (egg crate) foam specifically engineered to hold everything down firmly. This case is compact, organized, & uses all available space to the fullest. For our TSA approved, shippable AR-15 case, please see our Case Club AR-15 Shipping Case. Protect your investment, buy Case Club.
AR15 Rifle Carry Case
AR-15 Rifle Carry Case
Price $ 99.99

Case Color:


Maximum Allowable Rifle Dimensions:

Precut, Fully Customizable Foam for Almost Any Configuration

  • Holds a single AR-15 Rifle with collapsible stock

  • Holds up 2 standard or pmag (30-rd) magazines

  • Max length of rifle is 39.50"

  • Allows for a forward (vertical) grip, laser or flashlight mounted directly under the rail

  • Accommodates all major scopes & optics within a 3.70" height

  • Does not fit pinned/fixed/full stock AR-15's. Our AR-10 Case will though!

  • Fits sub compact, compact, and full size semi auto or revolver pistols, with or without underbarrel attachments

  • Compact design leaves no wasted space. (Outside Case Dims. 41.50"L x 15.00"W x 5.00"D)

  • Foam insert is (closed cell) military grade polyethylene which can be wiped clean

  • Case is Padlockable

  • Case is lightweight at only 12 lbs unloaded

  • For our Heavy Duty AR-15 Case please see our Case Club AR-15 Case

  • Available case accessories can be found below

  • Manufactured in America

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