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Whether you choose a stock pick and pluck foam interior, or Custom Foam Insert your contents will be well protected at an affordable price. We carry many case accessories as well including dividers, lid organizers and frame panels.

Let us help you design a foam interior that will protect, organize, and showcase your products. Technical Design Assistance is our specialty and always without charge. Our professional design team understands the importance of foam interiors. We know they serve a purpose which is to protect your contents, and look good.

We welcome the opportunity to review your current case packaging and provide you with our evaluation, recommendations, and pricing on a foam interior.

Call 1-877-412-2737, E-mail or fax our technical sales department to discuss your project.

Different Types of Foam and Case Interiors

1. STOCK PICK & PLUCK FOAM INSERTS--Do It Yourself Foam inserts, Pre-Scored Foam, Diced Foam, Pinch & Tear Foam, Pick & Pluck Foam, Pluck Foam -- {No Cutting Required} All Thickness', Multiple Materials, Multiple Cube Sizes, Most Sizes In Stock, To Fit Most Cases. Pick and Pluck foam is sold in Cases or by itself. Cubes can be individually removed to provide a professional looking foam interior. Foam can easily and inexpensively be replaced if equipment changes.

2. CUSTOM FABRICATED FOAM INSERTS-- In House Capabilities-- Die Cutting, Horizontal & Vertical Cutting, Laminating, Hot Melt, Bonding, Hot Wire Cutting, Assembly, Convoluting, Contour Cutting, Pressure Cutting, Water jet Cutting, Laser Cutting, Thermoforming, Molding, Beveling, Buffing, Designing, Engineering, Hand Cutting, R&D. Working with your equipment, prints, Drawings or sketches, Case Club can create the optimum case interior based on the fragility, spacing, access, storage and usability of your equipment. Case Club can fabricate simple or complex shaped inserts.

All Materials, Shapes, Sizes, Quantities Available-Normal lead times 1-3 weeks including Dies & First Articles.

3. DIE CUT FOAM INTERIORS--Die Cut foam interiors are popular and cost effective for foam interiors where small cavities exist or where a medium to high quantity of cases is required. Often times with larger volume of die cut foam interiors the price becomes equal to that of pick and pluck.

4. FLOCKED FOAM--Show Case Packaging-- "Sim-U-Vel" Peach Cloth type surface {Semi-Vel, Velour Covering} variety of rich colors, used for display purposes. Its velvet-like finish provides an elegant background for all your promotional items

5. FOAM FILLED INSERTS--Case is filled with 1/2", 1", 1 1/2" or 2" layers of Polyurethane or Polyethylene foam. The foam can be cut in the field to accept customer's equipment. Each layer can be cut to accept equipment of various sizes.

6. FOAM LINED--Case interior is lined with 1/2", 1", 1 1/2" or 2" thick layers of Polyurethane or Polyethylene foam. Allowing the case to be used for multiple or bulky items.

7. LID DIVIDERS--Custom Lid Dividers-- made of Plastic, Metal, Composite, Vinyl, Wood, Foam or a Combination of Different Materials. The creation of a lid panel provides additional space for storage of non fragile items {manuals, cables, literature pockets, accessories, etc.}

8. MOUNTING--Flange Mount, Rackmount, Stackmount, Trays, Shelves, Drawers, Velcro Straps.

9. LABELS, EMBOSSING, STENCILING, HOT STAMPING & PAD PRINTING-- Labels, Embossing, Stenciling, Hot Stamping, & Pad Printing can be added, depending on the type and style of case to add Color, Attractiveness and Custom Identification.

A. POLYURETHANE--ELE-- {most common}-1.6# open cell, low cost with good cushioning and packaging properties. Has look and feel of polyester 2#. Good hydrolytic stability.

B. POLYURETHANE--Polyester-- {higher end}-2# to 6# open cell, medium cost with excellent cushioning and packaging properties. Meets test standards: ASTM D-3574, UL94HF1, MIL P26514E, Type 1, Class 2,Grade C. Special Properties: Flammability to MVS 302, UL94HF1, Cal 117, FAR PAR25.853. Operating Temperatures: -40 degrees F to +300 degrees F

C. POLYURETHANE--Polyether-- {lower end}-1.0# to 3.0# open cell, all purpose, lowest cost with good cushioning and packaging properties. Good hydrolytic stability. Special Properties: {Anti-Stat, Lo-Stat}, {Conductive: Hi Density, Low Density}

D. POLYETHYLENE--Standard P.E.-- 1# to 9#-closed cell, resistant to moisture, solvents, oils, greases, and common chemicals. Meets test standards: PPP-C-1752. Special properties available: Anti-Static, Crosslinked P.E.

E. POLYETHYLENE--Crosslinked P.E.-- 2# to 12#-closed cell, resistant to moisture, solvents, oils, greases, and common chemicals. Special properties available different than standard P.E.: Smoother, Softer, Firmer, Heat Formable, and Many Standard Colors

F. POLYURETHANE--Molded-- 3# to 20# -Self Skinning, Non-Self Skinning, soft feel to firm feel, special shapes.

G. SPECIALTY MATERIALS--Neoprene, E.P.S., E.V.A., Reticulated foams, P.V.C., Evazote, Latex, Rebond, Rubber products, Rigid Urethane, Plastics products

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