Why is Anti-Static Foam Pink?

Anti-static foam is pink because of a pink additive that is introduced during the manufacturing process of the foam. The color pink is used because it is an industry standard and most other common foam applications don’t use pink. Therefore by using the color pink the foam is easily identified and not easily mixed with non-anti-static foam. When considering the importance of using anti-static foam in static sensitive applications, it is generally accepted the bright color of the foam can be overlooked because the trade off of having identifiable anti-static material far outweighs the awkward color of the material.

Using the color pink however is not a requirement or law, but rather a choice made by foam manufacturers. Although it may be difficult to find anti-static foam in a different color it doesn’t mean a different color such as black is not available. If you are working on a project that requires a decent amount of material in which you can meet minimum order requirements, you can purchase anti-static material made in any other color. Be warned however it is impossible to tell the difference between black anti-static foam and standard foam.