Pre-Scored Pluckable Foam

Pick & Pluck is a Foam insert that consists of vertically pre-scored blocks that can be easily “plucked” to provide a snug fit for equipment and accessories. Pick and Pluck inserts will protect your equipment in even the toughest and most abusive trips. Also known as Pinch & Tear, Diced Foam, Cubed Foam, Pick N Pluck or Perforated Foam.

Many cases we offer can be purchased with this foam. It is very economical for the average buyer. A proper foam insert usually consists of two or more layers of pick & pluck foam layers. When ordering pick & pluck foam it is common to also order convoluted foam for the lid of the case, and a flat pad to sit below the pick & pluck foam. Depending on the size of the case it may include more then one layer of Pick N’ Pluck. These foam sets are usually made to order, but available in 2 to 3 days.

If your project requires more customization or you desire a more turnkey option, our Custom Foam Inserts offer a more exact fit. Be advised since pick & pluck foam inserts are custom cut to your order they are not returnable. Flat foam is also available if you need this material, but not perforated.