Send Your Gear

The easiest way for you, to get a custom foam insert is simply by sending us the parts. This method requires almost no effort from you and works just as well as the other methods. Simply make sure that the parts can be sent to us legally (no loaded firearms for example), and then just send them! This process is great for most people because it requires very little effort. Your biggest responsibility is to get us the parts safely. If you can successfully and safely manage to package your parts and mail them, then we can do the rest. This is your opportunity to have the utmost in transportation protection, a custom foam insert that perfectly fits your items, with as little “middle” steps in between the item and creation of the insert as possible. With this method the possibility of a mistake being made in trying to measure, trace, or create your item digitally is cut down to zero, and the design and creation of the insert can be left completely in professional hands (with your guidelines still being adhered to, of course). Sending us the parts frees up potential hours of your day because you won’t have to spend them creating a CAD file or tracing a complicated item precisely. With no time wasted after we receive your part, we design your insert, create it, and send it back. Simple as that.

Equipment + Shipping Label = Custom Foam Insert

Step 1: Package your parts. You might use old towels, shirts, foam peanuts, bubble wrap etc. Anything you do is fine as long as you make sure to safely protect your part. This stage is the most critical and will need to protect your item through the most vulnerable time your equipment will face so be sure to give the package care and attention.

Ship the part to:

Case Club
Custom Foam Department
4765 E Bryson St
Anaheim CA, 92807

Step 2: We do the work. The first thing we do when we receive the parts is contact you. At this time we can discuss any special requirements such as layout, foam type, lead-times, etc. We will also be able to give you a quote. If everything flows smoothly we can start production on the custom foam inserts immediately.

In over 20 years of business we have never broken a sent item nor had an item stolen from us, but we understand that you may still be hesitant sending the parts to a company you haven’t dealt with yet. We understand this concern and would like to cater to you in every way we can. Please call us and learn about our company, learn about custom foam inserts and let us walk you through. Let us personally talk with you and inform you on the process. We know trust is earned and not given, so with that in mind we look forward to dealing with you on a personal level rather than a corporate one.