Send a Drawing – (DISCONTINUED)

Our flexibility when designing custom foam inserts is an asset to the industry. If you can think it, we can create it. The option to draw your parts means just that. Whether its digitally on the computer or physically on paper we can convert your idea into a custom foam insert. Digital examples might be drawings made in Microsoft PowerPoint, Paint shop, Photo Shop, or a PDF editor. Physical examples could include sketches, tracings, or drawings. If you decide to go this route you will need to take scale into consideration. If your drawing is not to scale (like if you sketched shapes without taking dimensions into consideration), it is imperative to include dimensions so we can properly scale the drawing for you. Otherwise the cutouts of the custom foam insert will not be cut accurately. We recommend keeping cutouts somewhat simple when building custom foam inserts using unscaled drawings. If you have a unique object such as the one to the right you’ll find it very difficult to scale correctly if it wasn’t drawn to scale. If however your layout consists of squares and circles then scaling is much easier. The concept can be somewhat confusing, but our custom foam department will let you know if there is a problem before production begins.

Step 1: Draw the layout the best you can however you can. If you understand how to scale and have the capabilities to do so, then please do. If however you are unsure how to scale the drawing or would rather do it at the end, every dimension, angle, and radius will need to be defined. Otherwise the cutouts won’t be cut correctly.

Step 2: Send us the custom foam insert drawing. If the drawing is in the computer it can be emailed to If the drawing is on paper mail it to:

Case Club
Custom Foam Department
4765 E Bryson St
Anaheim CA, 92807

Step 3: We edit the drawing if needed. Once we receive the custom foam insert layout we will supply you with a quote. If all goes smooth the next step is to output it into production. In this stage we will scale the drawing, insert the case’s perimeter and modify anything in the drawing that is incorrect. All-in-all the whole process takes 5-9 working days.