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Pelican Cases

Pelican Cases and accessories in all sizes and colors. All products and accessories are stocked in our warehouse on site and usually ship out same day. Our prices on pelican cases are low due to the high volume of pelican cases we sell. Our knowledgeable friendly staff can assist you with any questions you may have. We guarantee the prices on our Pelican Shipping Cases are the lowest on the web or else we'll refund you the difference. Browse cases with confidence and know that you're getting the best deal on a pelican case.


Pelican Case Manufacturer Produces Watertight Injection Molded Military Standard Cases

Pelican cases are made for the most demanding conditions in the field. Their watertight seal allows them to be stored outside rain or shine. The material these carrying cases are made from will not chip or dent. Pelican produces cases that are indestructible. Often used by the police, military and other industrial applications, these cases are meant to perform. All pelican cases come with a lifetime guarantee which means if you are in need of a case then this investment will last you a lifetime. In the event that something catastrophic happens to your pelican case, the Manufacturer will fix it or completely replace it at no additional cost. Pelican cases are military standard and come in a variety of sizes, one surely to fit your needs.

In an environment that demands the most from your products you can trust any Pelican case with your possessions. Built with the unforgiving environment and your long-term use in mind. Pelican cases can stand up to any challenge. In other words, Pelican Cases are made to withstand anything thrown their way. This includes water, dirt, dust, chemicals, time, and of course the hardest of hits. Pelican cases are also made with you in mind. Each case includes everything from a non-slip grip handle to double throw latches. Finally, Pelican cases are designed to be nearly indestructible to keep up with your lifestyle while offering maximum protection. All accessories for each pelican case can be purchased here as well.

Case Club is the leading supplier of Pelican industrial packaging for cameras, guns, electronics and other devices. Our Pelican packaging solutions have become the standard for business' across the globe. Each Pelican case is meant to perform to and adhere to the highest standards, and when combined with Case Club's custom foam inserts and packaging solutions, protection is taken to the next level. After numerous contracts with the military and large corporations we have decided to take these superior, waterproof, indestructible, injection molded Pelican cases to small businesses and individual consumers as well. We are able to offer the large pelican product line (every case, every color, every accessory) while keeping the customer service personal. After all we are very much a company built on a strong foundation of consumers such as yourself. To help show our appreciation we offer the lowest prices on the web as well as the option of custom foam inserts. We specialize in Pelican military, industrial, photography, electronics and storage solutions. Pelican cases, bringing quality to your doorstep.

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Pelican Cases - Quality meets Affordability, Pelican Cases by Case Club.



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