Battery Organizer Drawer Foam

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Case Club is pleased to present the simple to use and highly convenient Battery Organizer Drawer Foam. Just connect the 10 pieces you want to utilize together with the built-in puzzle piece joints, and place inside your drawer! The foam set consists of two AAA, two AA, two C, two D, and two 9V modules. CR2032 battery slots are also interspersed throughout each module. If every battery slot is filled, the Battery Organizer Drawer Foam will hold 94 AAA, 56 AA, 18 C, 14 D, 24 9V, and 24 CR2032 batteries. This foam is perfect for the bedroom or the garage, and the foam is closed cell military grade polyethylene that will not absorb moisture and or degrade over time.

Battery Organizer Drawer Foam - Features

Foam Fits

AAA BatteriesQty 94
AA BatteriesQty 56
C BatteriesQty 18
D BatteriesQty 14
9 Volt BatteriesQty 24
CR2032 BatteriesQty 24

Product Specifications

Shipping Weight1.00 LBS (estimated weight of the product with packaging such as a cardboard box)
(0.45 kg)
CharacteristicsFoam Only
Manufacturing OriginUnited States of America
Manufacturing MethodPrecision Cut

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Case Club Battery Drawer Organizer - Overview

Case Club Battery Drawer Organizer - Overview - Video

Customer Questions

  1. Answered by the admin

    Each of the 10 "modules" in the set measures 5.88"x3.33"x1.125", not including the protrusion that holds them together. During initial shipping to the customer, however, the 10 modules are stacked together in varying configurations, which will have changing dimensions depending on stacking configuration.

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