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SKB Multi Purpose Case Series


The SKB multiple purpose case series is great for general uses and general transportation. Each multi purpose case is thermoformed for light weight and durability. All cases have built in heavy duty parallel ribs for maximum protection and added strength. The material is resistant to oils, fuels, solvents, and acids, so an industrial work environment is encouraged. The materials that make up these cases can withstand temperatures from -80 to 185 F meaning temperature will be no problem in the field. Like all SKB cases these come with a lifetime guarantee and will perform to their fullest under even the most stressful work places.

SKB 3i-0907-6BDD
9.50" X 7.38' X 6.13"

SKB 3i-2011-7-TR
20.50" X 11.50' X 7.50"

25.50" x 12.50" x 22.50"

30.00" X 12.00" X 14.00"


30.00" X 12.00" X 14.00"

33.00" X 31.00" X 8.00"

34.00" X 29.00" X 8.38"

36.50" X 21.00" X 9.25"



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