Stock Inserts

"Do It Yourself Foam Inserts"
Also known as: Pick & Pluck, Pinch & Tear, Diced Foam or Perforated Foam.
Fitting Instructions:
Place all of your equipment on top of the pre-cut grid. Distribute until you have a suitable arrangement. Leave adequate space between each piece of equipment.

Select from Case Club's unique cushioning systems, featuring either a combination of a convoluted top insert with layered bottom insert, or a diced foam pack which permits removal of individual blocks to the contours of the items you wish to cushion. Both systems are available in 1 to 3 days, and offer you a fast, economical answer to your equipment cushioning requirements. Or go with our Custom Inserts for a more exacting fit. Since the pick and pluck foam inserts are custom cut to your case they are not returnable. There is a $35.00 minimum charge for foam only orders.

Helpful Hint:
For use as a reference guide, stick toothpicks in at four corners of plug to be removed. Carefully and slowly remove entire plug in one piece.


Should you mistakenly remove too many rows of foam cubes, they may be replaced by gluing back into place with a clear rubber-base cement or contact spray adhesive, following gluing instructions