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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to travel away from home for the weekend? If so, then surely you have been faced with the dilemma of finding the perfect size bag or case for the job. Carrying cases too large are too bulky and unwieldy, and can be utterly overkill for just one weekend. A case too small and you will not be able to fit all of your stuff inside. This sort of situation is why Plasticase created Weekendercase carrying cases, which are specifically designed to be the perfect size case for one weekend away from home. Able to hold multiple pairs of clothing along with accessories and other items, this carrying case is ideal for anybody going on short vacations or trips. These carrying cases feature an integrated, built-in handle for sturdy and easy transport and are made out of hard polypropylene plastic. The interior dimensions of Weekender carrying cases are 21x 15 x 7 inches, a spacious amount of storage compared to other cases of similar exterior dimensions. The case has sliding latches to prevent unintended openings and a top latch to secure the case shut even further. These carrying cases come in black, the standard choice for most buyers, as well as mercury and graphite colors.

Another common use for Weekender carrying cases is for companies trying to find a way to safely and inexpensively package their goods. Whether for transport, presentation, or other packaging reasons, companies find Plasticase suits their needs very well. Plasticase carrying cases, including the Weekendercase, are widely used to house goods and products of other companies, and are a more professional alternative to simple plastic casings that the customer needs to cut away and discard. The screen printing option puts a company logo directly on the cover of the case, and is invaluable for the advertizing it will create for years and years to come. If someone was ever in doubt what company makes the products found inside the Weekendercase carrying cases, your logo with a website or phone number will dispel all doubt thanks to screen printing. The Weekendercase can house larger items, such as audio and visual equipment, and when such delicate or expensive items are the intended goods to be used with these carrying cases, then it is highly recommended that you purchase pick-n-pluck foam or custom foam inserts along with the case. Pick-n-pluck foam is mostly for low-volume, personal use, as it is less expensive than custom foam inserts. It is usually chosen for orders of less than ten cases. However, for higher volume orders, custom foam inserts are certainly the better option. The time saved not having to customize each individual case yourself and instead letting Case Club do them all for you will surely pay for itself in time, money, and effort. Case Club custom foam inserts for carrying cases are the most professional custom inserts there are, and Case Club can use almost any means to make sure the inserts are perfect fits for your products. You can trace your parts, send the parts in, send a Jpeg or a drawing, or send a cad file in order to find the proper packaging solution. Case Clubs' staff are knowledgeable and will help you through your purchase of carrying cases and custom foam inserts with excellent customer service and polished professionalism.

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