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Its no doubt that when one is traveling, he or she must have a means to transport his or her personal belongings or goods. Often it is difficult to find the ideal case to carry all of the luggage that one has. Cases that would be the appropriate size are more often than not either far out of the comfortable price range of most people or are soft cases, which offer little protection against your items from being crushed. Enter the Vacationercase. The Vacationercase is the largest of the carrying cases that Plasticase offers to customers. Its intended purpose is for either the traveler, or, as the name implies, the vacationer. Its spacious interior allows for a large amount of luggage to fit inside and its tote-strap feature along with its wheels allow for easy transportation. The inside dimensions of these carrying cases are 25 x 18 x 8.25 (this is in inches), and the outside dimensions are 26 x 21.75 x 8.5. The case is made out of stiff polypropylene material that is resistant to melting, tearing, denting, crushing, chemicals, and otherwise breaking at all. Plasticase backs up their Vacationercase carrying cases with a warranty against manufacture defects, so you know yours will be created in a prime condition. These Vacationercase carrying cases were designed specifically for toting around airports, hotel lobbies and hallways, sales floors, and essentially all the normal hotspots of travelers. Salesmen will find this case useful for carrying around their products on showroom floors and can use it as an effective marketing tool if used in conjunction with the screen printing option. One can certainly find carrying cases of this size with these same features and options all over the place under many different brands; however, what Plasticase carrying cases have above all of them is an indispensable quality that all consumers can appreciate, the price. One would be extremely hard-pressed to find a case of similar dimensions even close to the low price that Case Club sells the Vacationercase carrying cases at. This case also comes with an integrated handle for normal carrying, nylon sliding latches to keep the case shut at all times up until you want it open, and metal-core hinges for added strength. These carrying cases also have the option of filling the interior with foam, so as to keep your items from rattling around inside during transport. If there will be a very specific and consistent set of items that will be in the Vacationercase, then it is recommended that one considers either pick-n-pluck foam or custom foam. Pick-n-pluck foam is ideal for small quantities of cases, and can fairly easily be customized by the buyer. It is the less expensive option, but also the option with less inherent quality associated with it. Custom foam, on the other hand, is the most professional option, and is ideal for large quantities as well as jobs that need an expert touch. Custom foam is the more expensive option for carrying cases, but no one does it better than Case Club. Custom foam inserts will perfectly fit your items and provide for the most secure method of transporting your items.

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