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When it comes to carrying cases, there are literally thousands of options available, and when it comes to carrying cases that are specifically about the size of a briefcase, the options are perhaps only narrowed down to the hundreds. That still leaves many, many options to the buyer. To help narrow down your options you have to be asking the right questions. Questions such as, “How much do I want to pay?” or “How good-looking does the case have to be?” or perhaps, “How light-weight should this case be?” These and many more are all valid questions to consider when looking at carrying cases, and here is one of the many options Cases Club has to offer in briefcase-sized cases: the Plasticase Techcase. The main feature of Techcase carrying cases that set them apart from the rest is its extremely low price. You would be very hard pressed to find many cases of similar dimensions that come even close to matching the economical price of the Techcase. The Techcase also includes other features that give it desirable qualities to look for in a case. For example, the Techcase is made out of a very durable material called polypropylene, which is resistant to denting, scratching, and chemicals and is sure to last years to come. These carrying cases are also very lightweight at only 2.59 pounds making them a breeze to carry around. An integrated handle provides for a sturdy mechanism to lift the case, and latches help the case stay closed. Techcase carrying cases come in five different colors including black, navy, graphite, mercury, and blue, all to help diversify its appeal. For companies or individuals looking to sell their product in or through the Techcase, screen printing is an option that should be heavily considered as well. Screen printing allows a company or individual to put their company logo or image or words of choice on the cover of the case. This allows for valuable advertising wherever the case goes in its lifetime. The Techcase can be ordered individually for about $30* or in cartons for only about $20* each (*prices taken on Aug 24, 2011). Techcase carrying cases are perfect for salesmen, engineers, for use in marketing kits and presenting product sample kits, as well as for easy storage and transportation of items, and it can be bought online directly from Case Club’s website. Carrying cases are what Case Club does best. We carry thousands of unique carrying cases that are all unique in there own way, but what sets us apart from other case companies lies in our ability to work with the customer. Selling cases is only half of what we do here at Case Club; the other half is comprised of helping our customers find their own perfect packaging solution and working with them to see that that end solution is met. Whether it is answering questions over the phone with our excellent customer service and knowledgeable, experienced staff, or rolling out thousands of custom foam inserts for company, Case Club is the best in the business, just read the reviews.

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