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Introducing one of the slimmest carrying cases on the market, the Snapcase by Plasticase. Measuring in at a mere inch at its width, this case is specifically suited to hold documents and other paperwork. No longer will you need to worry about your documents being crumpled or torn through travel. With these carrying cases you can throw them in and out of larger cases or bags with peace of mind knowing your documents are safe. Made out of a strong material called polypropylene, theses carrying cases will not easily be crushed, scratched, corroded, or otherwise broken. The case was designed with both the businessman and student in mind and can benefit both very much in their lines of work. The case dimensions are 12.25 x 9.25 x 1 on the inside (311 x 235 x 25 mm) and 12.5 x 10.25 x 1.25 on the outside (317 x 260 x 32 mm). The lid and base split is 0.5/0.5. Snapcase carrying cases only weigh about one pound and are airline carry-on. They come in a wide variety of colors when ordered in volume. These colors include a professional, sleek black color, a light, airy blue color, a bold and bright red color, a nondescript, low-key mercury color, a darker grey graphite color, a dark, deep navy color, and a darker, natural forest color. When bought from Case Club, Snapcase carrying cases will cost you about $15 empty or $21 with foam if bought individually, which is very inexpensive for carrying cases with these dimensions. However, if you are representing a company or happen to need many more Snapcases, then you can buy cartons of them where each case ends up being only $10.13 empty and $14.13 with foam each. The standard foam that can be ordered with Snapcase carrying cases is pick & pluck, which is pre-scored foam that the user can tear chunks out of to fit his or her dimensions. Pick & pluck is easy to use and is the least expensive option for interior foam. Also available for Snapcase carrying cases are the option of screen printing, which will print your company logo or other image directly onto the cover of the Snapcase. Screen printing can add a professional and unified image to the case. For example, carrying in a Snapcase with the company logo printed on the cover into a conference room meeting will effect what people perceive the contents of the case to be, and more clearly define that you are a dedicated member of the company.
Case Club is dedicated to helping out the customer and finding the perfect packaging solution for his or her needs. That is why we offer custom foam inserts on almost every one of our cases. No other company will work with you and be as flexible as we are. Carrying cases are our specialty and we can meet deadlines, specifications, and customer-provided guidelines better than any other company, not to mention our prices are the most competitive around.

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