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Looking for a professional, midsized, easy-to-use briefcase? Then Plasticase Procase 628 carrying cases are right for you. These cases feature a sleek design accompanied by a user friendly interface that ensure a professional on the go will have a convenient method to take their work with them wherever they need it to go. Plasticase Procase carrying cases offer up a midrange height, width, and depth at 19”x 13.5” x6” respectively. These carrying cases also weigh in at a lightweight 5.54 pounds (without foam) and have secure, yet easy-to-use, slide lock latches to hold the case shut. The case is made out of a high strength polymer called polypropylene that is resistant to wear and tear, chemicals, sunlight, and general everyday abuse. Plasticase stands by their carrying cases, including the Procase, and because of this each case comes with a full warranty against manufacturing defects, so as to ensure that their products are sent to their respective customers in the quality state that the customer expects. Procase carrying cases come in a variety of colors including the standard, sleek-looking black, as well as Mercury, Graphite, and Navy-blue. They also come with an integrated handle for secure transport and quality hinges that double as a way to have the case stand upright. When Procase carrying cases were created, their original target audience was for professionals on the go, but since its introduction these cases have been utilized in a plethora of professions and personal uses. From lawyers to salesmen to hobbyists, the Procase is ideal for anybody looking for that perfectly-sized, convenient, good-looking, hard case. Plasticase Procase carrying cases, when bought from Case Club, are among one of the least costly options when it comes to purchasing cases around this size. Carrying cases of similar sizes but of different brands run the gambit from $111 to $271, but you will find that the Procase is far more affordable than any of those. These carrying cases can come with optional features that greatly increase the efficiency of the case itself as well. The first of these features is called screen printing, and what screen printing is is essentially an image, of the user’s choice, printed on the front or back of the case. This option is a great tool for both salesmen and companies. Salesmen can see the added benefit of being at an exposé and having their product or image of choice printed directly on the case hold that very same product. Perhaps of even more far-reaching advertising effects can be delivered by a company though. Imagine having a product that frequently ships far and wide being housed inside carrying cases that employ screen printing; the logo of the aforementioned company is printed directly on the cover of these carrying cases. No longer will people ask, “Where did you find that amazing product?” It will be obvious to any passerby which company sells said product, because the company logo is on all of these carrying cases and will be directly associated with the product every time the product is in the case. Another ideal option for companies or people looking to purchase quite a few of these carrying cases is custom foam inserts, which prevent the contents inside from jostling around during movement.

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