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Multi Kitcase Carrying Cases

Carrying cases are what Case Club does best. We have more than enough carrying cases to suit almost any packaging needs; the only issue is actually finding the case that fits you. Your needs and requirements in a case likely unique to you, but working with Case Club will resolve any issues or doubts you may have had about concerning the viability of meeting those concerns. If you happen to be on the market for carrying cases that are small, inexpensive, and are pretty reliable all around, then this short article about the Multi Kitcase may point you in the right direction.
Plasticase Multi Kitcase carrying cases are designed to be versatile. They are not tied down to any weird or unusual dimensions, but are instead formed to fill a variety of roles suitable for a case of its size. Perfect for almost any person looking for an inexpensive packaging option
, the Multi Kitcase lives up to its name in having multiple uses across the board. Some standard features that make the Multi Kitcase a well designed case is its integrated handle that allows for a very sturdy and secure grip on the case, its snap-on nylon latches that hold the case firmly shut, its padlock hasp that deters easy access, and its built-in bottom stands that help it to stand straight up. These carrying cases are made out a high-strength material known as polypropylene that allows the case to be thin and lightweight and yet still remain strong. The case can come in many colors: black, blue, yellow, red, graphite, and navy. An important option a company should consider when purchasing these carrying cases is silk-screen printing, which will put a company logo and specified message onto the cover of the Multi Kitcase. This creates advertising wherever the case travels in its lifetime. Pick and pluck foam is the standard option for these carrying cases and is fine for low-volume orders. It is essential just pre-cut foam diced into little squares that the user can tear out to fit their item inside the cavity it creates. This method is only recommended for low-volume orders because of the amount of time wasted tearing out the squares. With too many cases the time and effort is simply impractical. Custom foam inserts for carrying cases, on the other hand, are very precise, efficient, and will not waste your valuable time. These inserts are recommended for higher volume orders where time and cost are of the essence. Multi Kitcase carrying cases measure 11.5” at the length, 7.75” at the width, and 2.5” at the depth on the inside and 12” at the length, 10.6” on the width, and 2.7” at the depth on the outside. The split measurements that measure the depth of the lid and the base are 1.25” by 1.25”. Multi Kitcase carrying cases cost only $12 when bought individually, and even less ($8.10) when bought in bulk! These carrying cases are a great deal for cases of their dimensions and are ideal for companies looking to package their products in a way that won’t break the bank.

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