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Micro Kitcase Carrying Cases

Plasticase excels in creating affordable, easy to use carrying cases. From their large carrying cases such as the Vacationercase to their smaller Clikcases, Plasticase has kept costs down in order to raise the bar on lowering the price. The Micro Kitcase is no exception to the rule, it also boasts a very low price for compared to cases of similar sizing. The dimensions of the Micro Kitcase are on the compact side for the user looking for a smaller case at 8 x 4.5 x 2.25 inches for the inside dimensions and 8.4 x 6.8 x 2.45 inches for the outside dimensions. The split between the lid and the base is an even 1.125 x 1.125 inches. Micro Kitcase carrying cases can be bought individually in black or can be bought in bulk at a reduced price per case in multiple colors including black, blue, yellow, red, graphite, and navy. Screen Printing, which is essentially putting images and company logos on the cover, are available for these carrying cases, and the Micro Kitcase is airline carry-on as well. Micro Kitcase Carrying Cases are made out of a hard polypropylene plastic that is resistant to damage. Plasticase guards against factory defects with a warranty on all of their carrying cases, including Micro Kitcase carrying cases, so a buyer can be sure that the carrying case that they buy will be in top condition.

The Micro Kitcase was created for the buyer that needs smaller sized carrying cases to suit his or her needs. It is perfect for companies looking to have inexpensive carrying cases to showcase and transport their product in, usually in conjunction with custom foam inserts. Custom foam inserts ensure that the item inside of it is secure at all times, and does not rattle around inside of an empty case. Pick-n-pluck foam is perhaps the better option for those not looking to buy in bulk though, for its price, although to tear out dozens or even hundreds of pick-pluck foam pieces would be impractical and time consuming. Screen Printing is recommended for those who wouldn't mind having an extra bit of advertizing on their cases. This option would put a company logo directly into masses, so when someone opens up the Micro Kitcase and sees the product inside, he or she knows exactly who sells that product. These carrying cases come with an easy-to -use built-in carry handle and remain securely shut via two snap-on clips. Some prime examples of possible vocations that could use the Kitcase are medical professionals, for their small equipment and tools that they use, and artists, whom may need to carry around pencils, brushes, and many sorts of smaller items like those. Case Club prides itself on providing low prices and knowledgeable, friendly service, and when it comes to Plasticase and these carrying cases it is no exception. Case Club customers are treated in high regard and rarely are mistakes ever made in the customers purchasing process and buying experience. In business since 1990, Case Club venerable reputation is well deserved.


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