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Mezzo Kitcase Carrying Cases

The Mezzo Kitcase by Plasticase is meant to be an in-between sized case just to add variety to the Plasticase line. These carrying cases come with several useful standard features, including an integrated, built-in handle for less dropping, some “feet” at the bottom so that they may stand upright, and two easy to operate latches that hold the carrying cases firmly shut. A hasp was included in the design in order to allow padlocks to be placed on the case to shut out strangers. Mezzo 644 carrying cases consist of a hard plastic material called polypropylene. Polypropylene is a material that is considered very tough, and it is very difficult to tear, shatter, scratch, corrode, or crush. The fact that Plasticase incorporates polypropylene plastic, instead of some other cheaper material, into the designs of their carrying cases is evidence that they are dedicated to selling quality products. They certainly could have used a cheaper, lower quality plastic to try and drive down their costs in creating their carrying cases, but Plasticase opted to sell their cases on their merit of being superior. They even back their cases, including their Mezzo Kitcase, with a warranty against manufacturing defects. Mezzo Kitcases also qualify for being considered very economically priced carrying cases, despite being made out of superior polypropylene. Mezzo Kitcase carrying cases will run you only about $9.50, which is almost unheard of for cases of this size. The price of Mezzo Kitcase carrying cases drops even further as you buy more! For buying these carrying cases in full carton quantities you would only have to pay about $6.41 per case! That is over 30% savings on every case. Combined with Case Club’s already low prices, it’s almost guaranteed there is no other store that sells this case for less. But in addition to the all of the astounding prices that Case Club is able to offer on the Mezzo Kitcase and other Plasticase products, these carrying cases have several optional features that should be mentioned. The first optional feature is the choice of color. Besides the standard sleek black color, these carrying cases can be bought in blue, red, yellow, graphite, and navy. The silk screen printing option will allow the user to put their company logo on the cover of the case, which translates to additional advertising. For the interior, there are essentially two options. The first option is to purchase the case with standard Pick and Pluck foam, which is fine for small quantity orders. The second option, if it can be considered a single option, is to get your carrying cases with a custom foam insert. A custom insert allows the user to completely customize the interior of the case. The customer can choose the type, of foam, the dimensions of the foam, the cutout of the foam, and even have it topped off with semi-vel. As you can see, when carrying cases are purchased from Case Club the customer can go all the way from simply ordering the case online to have it promptly ship out, all the way up to “the works” and have every detail of their order adhere to exact specifications.

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