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Lunchcase Carrying Cases

Plasticase Lunchcase carrying cases are ideal to carry around knickknacks, gizmos, parts, pieces, and of course, lunches. Designed to be compact and easy to use, this case measures in at 9” x 6.5” x 3.25” and comes with two quick-release side latches. These carrying cases are the perfect tools for hauling around the accessories and support equipment and spare parts for larger items. Such support items may include electronic components or hobby parts. Of course, as the name implies, these carrying cases are also great for any employee who ever needs to take a lunch break, as they are large enough to carry any lunch while still being compact, lightweight, and inexpensive. Lunchcase carrying cases are made out of a tough material called polypropylene, which is strong, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and UV resistant. The case weighs about one pound with no items in it and has outside dimensions of 10” x 9.75” x 3.5”. These carrying cases are small enough to be airline carry-on, have a lid/base dimension split of 1.75” x 1.75”, do not have wheels, and have a built in handle. The manufacturer, Plasticase, also includes a warranty against manufacturing defects. Perhaps the best feature of the Lunchcase though is its surprisingly low price. At only about $13 (prices here and below taken on September 9, 2011) the Lunchcase far outmatches its competitors in terms of price. When bought in bulk, Lunchcase carrying cases cost only $8.78 each. The price of the case when purchased with the standard Pick & Pluck foam is $19.13, or $13.68 when bought in bulk, which is pretty much as inexpensive as it gets. Screen printing is available for companies whom would like their logo or motto or name on the cover of all the cases. This results in direct advertizing for the duration of the case’s life as well as in every location that the carrying cases end up in.
Case Club is committed to providing the best customer service in the market, and although our online website is built for easy user-interface as well as massive selection of carrying cases, we have not lost our roots as a company. We always have and always will know that the customer comes first, and that repeat customers are created through an excellent buying experience as well as competitive pricing and fast shipping. For over two whole decades we have been earning the trust and respect of people and companies who purchase from us, and the proof is in the pudding as they say in the form of customer reviews. Our vast selection of carrying cases range from the tiny cases that are made to hold engagement rings all the way up to cases that could fit multiple full grown people inside. We have every case in every style one would ever need. From stylish aluminum cases to near indestructible injection molded cases to inexpensive cases to completely custom cases, we have it covered. What sets Case Club apart from the competition the most though is our ability to work with the inside our carrying cases. We can create custom foam inserts for any object that the customer wants so that the object(s) will fit snugly inside the case and not be jostled around. Our versatility, experience, and knowledgeability in this area are unmatched.

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