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Are you seeking professional looking carrying cases, but do not want to drain your account to get them? Then the Plasticase attaché carrying cases are perfect for you. Combining the low cost of Plasticase products with the design and sleekness that people love, the Attachécase is appealing to the eye and easy on the wallet. Case Club offers a variety of carrying cases from large to small, tough to inexpensive, and hopefully one that perfectly suits your wants as well as your needs. The Attachécase was designed and built with the briefcase in mind, and takes from it some of the most important qualities. These carrying cases are lightweight, easy-to-use, convenient, sturdy, and have a quality that many may enjoy and appreciate; they are carry-on for air-lines. These carrying cases are made out of tough polypropylene that is resistant to all kinds of damage including denting, scratching, tearing, and chemicals. Without foam the case weighs about two pounds and its inside dimensions are 15.75” x 11.25” x 3” and outside dimensions are 16.75” X 14.75” X 3.25”.  Attachécase carrying cases are good for securing paperwork and other documents, but are also the ideal size for laptops. The case was made to appeal to professionals and salesmen, as this attaché case not only looks professional, but is ideal for showcasing and selling products to customers.

Companies also look to Case Club to solve their packaging needs. Often a company will have a product that it is excited to introduce and distribute to the world, but at first is shipping the product out in cardboard boxes. This presents many immediate problems to the company including presentation, costs, and opportunity cost. The presentation aspect entails the “look” of the product by the time it arrives to the customer; if it arrives in a cardboard box beaten up by some shipping company, the customer may be negatively influenced by the purchasing experience. Going beyond that into the costs a company can incur through use of cheap packaging, the product a company is trying to sell has a highly increased chance of being damaged during shipping if the packaging is sub-par. The products being sold packaged inside of Attachécase carrying cases that are in turn packaged inside of cardboard boxes are an effective, inexpensive, and secure way to transport goods. Combined with Case Club’s custom foam inserts you have a means of shipping matched only by more expensive cases (which Case Club also sells!). Opportunity cost was included in the reasons for Attachécase carrying cases because these carrying cases come with the option of screen printing on their covers. This means that a company logo with names, numbers, and mottos can be permanently put on the case. This advertising will get seen by anybody opening the Attachécase to use the product inside Advertising to friends, family, coworkers, and a multitude of others. Without the Attachécase this advertising is lost completely. Why Case Club? Case Club offers a wide variety of carrying cases, has fast service and lead times, the best prices, and excellent customer service that is supplied to all of our customers, and Case Club will work with customers to find the perfect packaging solution to fit their needs.

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