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Double Flat Panel Plasma Display Case
(A case to hold 2 displays) 

Below are some pictures of a case to hold two 42" plasma displays. This case is based on our "case within a case" design as described on the previous webpage and can be modified to accommodate any two 40"-42" monitors: they do not have to be alike. To keep the case from becoming too wide, the case shown here does not allow for the stands to be shipped attached to the monitors. We can however manufacture a case to accommodate the stands if needed. Additionally, a case can be manufactured in a large version of this layout to accommodate two 50" displays. Remember, this is just a starting point to show you what we have done in the past. If you are interested in a different configuration, or need a case to accommodate more than two monitors, please give us a call at 1-877-412-2737 to discuss the matter with one of our case professionals.

The exterior case is highlighted by a 3/8" side wall, recessed handles and spring-loaded locking twist-lock latches, stamped nickel-plated steel ball corners, and locking casters. The outside dimensions of this case in the 42" version run approximately 54(L) X 47(H) X 35(W) with a weight of approximately 260lbs.

DoublePlasma 42 pic_A
This view shows the back side of the case with the lid to the storage compartment hinged open.
DoublePlasma 42_B
This view shows the case with the main section of the case hinged open, exposing the lids of the interior cases.
DoublePlasma 42 pic_C
This view shows the lids of the interior cases removed, exposing the foam lined cases were the displays ride. The inner cases float independently from the exterior shell, protecting the monitor from the abuse the outer case endures in shipment.

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