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Pelican Cube Cases


Pelican cube cases are unbreakable, watertight to a depth of 30 feet, airtight, dustproof, corrosion proof with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. These Pelican cube cases are highly resistant to chemical attack, and are built to perform in the most severe conditions. Used by the US Military, Police and Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, and US Navy Seal Teams Worldwide. If you have a demand for a cubed case that is waterproof, indestructible and will last your entire life, then Pelican cube cases are the cases for you.

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Pelican 0340 Case
18.00"L x 18.00"W x 17.50"D

Pelican 0350 Case
19.63"L x 19.63"W x 18.38"D

Pelican 0370 Case
24.00"L x 24.00"W x 24.00"D





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