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Maximum Protection Shipping Cases

Maximum Protection Carrying and Shipping Cases are the ultimate protection for your valuables. Their indestructible exterior shells make them the toughest cases in the world, bar none. To be any tougher you would have yourself a full-blown metal safe. All of these indestructible cases are waterproof, in order to prevent water penetration that can damage the contents stored in the case. These cases are touted as indestructible by both us as well as their users, and most have a lifetime guarantee. If these cases do happen to break, due to some catastrophic impact or even one hundred years from now, they will be replaced with a brand new case within the warranty period. These indestructible cases are made to be in harsh environments and are the ultimate protection from the elements (aka the TSA baggage "handlers"). These cases will protect their contents from anything you can throw at them, or conversely anything you can throw them at. Used by all branches of the military, these indestructible cases are sure to live up to, and surpass, your expectations. Developed for those people who need the best and cannot afford failure, these maximum protection, indestructible cases are guaranteed to be the best and toughest cases made. You can do the research, but you will not find more durable cases anywhere else. In addition to all that, Case Club can custom design a foam interior to cushion your valuables, and Case Club has the lowest prices online.

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49.50" x 9.00" x 5.50"

49.75"L x 13.00"W x 5.25"D

50.00" x 30.00" x 24.00"
51.56"L x 12.37"W x 5.50"D

50.50"L x 13.44"W x 5.25"D
50.50"L x 14.50"W x 6.00"D

50.50"L x 14.00"W x 6.00"D

51.50"L x 23.50"W x 21.05"D

52.00"L x 14.50"W x 6.00"D

52.50" x 12.13" x 8.00"


54.58"L x 15.58"W x 8.63"D


54.74"L x 10.0"W x 6.67"D 

56.00" x 16.00" x 9.00

62.00" x 18.00" x 10.00"


62.00" x 23.00" x 10.00"

64.50" x 16.50" x 8.00"
68.00" x 20.00" x 20.06"
XX-Large Shipping Case
69.38" x 12.00" x 14.09"

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