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Military | Law Enforcement: A military / Law Enforcement type case is one that is used by the military or law enforcement agency which has a military look to it. Their characteristics include being waterproof and unbreakable. These cases are made for the elite shooter. They don't necessarily offer the most aesthetically pleasing features like an aluminum case however they are made to perform in the most wet, harsh, and military extreme conditions. If you need a case that will last your lifetime and will protect your weapon from anything, we highly recommend a military style shipping case. All military style shipping cases meet military standard- MIL C-4150J (Military Standard), IP-67 (Ingress Protection) and ATA (Air Transportation Association).
Hunter: Hunter cases are recommended for hunters. These cases are similar to sportsmen cases, however their finishes include camouflage such as mossy oak. They're made to take somewhat of beating, and are mainly there to serve a purpose which is transportation. More durable than sportsmen cases, but not necessarily military grade theses cases are made to throw in and out of your truck. Also great to store your gun while in a campsite. Most hunter cases have the ability to be shipped. Be careful though as a hunter case may not be waterproof unless they're also military type.
Sportsmen: A sportsmen type case is one that is often used by those individuals that shoot for sport, such as target shooting or skeet shooting. Often their cases are made to help showoff a weapon and compliment their image. Not as durable as military type cases or hunter cases however they will not be punished like them either. These cases offer protection to and from the range, while also having that elegant, classic, and traditional look. Made more for storage and display then for abusive transit.
Tactical: A tactical gun case is most similar to a military type case with a few small differences. Tactical cases are required to perform however may not be as durable as a military case and may not officially meet the military standard. Tactical cases, unlike military cases are often lightweight and can be thrown from the trunk of one vehicle to another. Not recommended for wet or harsh conditions and should be stored inside. These cases are made to be ready at any time. They offer strength, durability and a light weight alternative from the heavy, bulky and perhaps overkill that comes with a military standard case.
Personal / Economical: Not everyone needs a military grade or shinny aluminum case to transport and store their gun. If you need an inexpensive gun case that will be used for strictly light duty transportation we recommend a personal / economical gun case.


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