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SKB Cases are rotationally molded cases that are made in two pieces, yet the base and lid are constructed at the same time for a tight fit. Other fabricated cases might be molded with lids attached by flimsy hinges and may have seams, which don't make them water-tight. The SKB Cases are some of the strongest cases you will find because they don't have the structural problems that other cases develop over a period of time. Because they are rotationally molded cases, they are constructed stronger than other cases and they are 100% waterproof so they keep your valuable equipment safe from water damage in extreme conditions. In fact, the SKB Cases are made to military standards.

For example, the SKB Cases in the 3R6218-10 model are molded of HDPE Polyethylene and feature custom foam inserts, wheels for easy transporting and injection molded oversized carrying handle and tow handle. Not only is it capable of accommodating two rifles, but it includes interlock stacking ribs on the top and bottom for stability, keeping your guns from being damaged when multiple SKB Cases need to be stacked. Not only do all SKB Cases come with a lifetime guarantee, but many of them offer dual protection. The SKB Cases 3R6218-10 offers $1500 in contents coverage if your gun gets damaged by a commercial airline.

SKB Cases | SKB 3R4417-8 Case for Bow / Rifle / Carbine CombinationOf course, they are used by the military, police, fire department and many people in the marine industries, but there are many companies that find they are the most reliable and strongest cases for transporting, shipping and storing all types of valuable equipment. With the addition of the custom foam inserts, you have the protection to keep equipment from shifting and to help absorb any shock in the event the strong and durable cases encounter high impact. Because all SKB Cases come with a lifetime guarantee, there many of them that come with the dual protection that includes contents coverage.

SKB Cases | SKB 3SKB-4250 For Transporting MonitorsThe SKB Cases in the 3R1919-14 models are considered military standard cases made with molded LLDPE polyethylene impact resistant and UV stabilized material that are popular for shipping because they are airtight, watertight and feature stainless steel latches and hinges. The other great thing about using the SKB Cases is that they are available with empty interiors. Many sizes and models are available with cubed foam inserts, layered foam inserts, padded foam dividers, caster kits, pull handles and wheels so you can accessorize them for whatever shipping and transporting needs you may have.

Because SKB Cases come in a wide variety of sizes, they are great for shipping computer equipment, camera equipment, audio-visual-media equipment or expensive sporting goods like hunting rifles or electronic GPS and communications equipment. No matter what precious cargo you may need to transport or store, SKB Cases are some of the best Carrying Cases, Shipping Cases and Storage Cases, with Custom Foam Inserts. Learn more from Case Club at

SKB Cases

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