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SKB Cases | SKB 3R2217-10 Mil-Standard cases designed to meet demanding military specificationsSKB case products are used all over the world from transporting military explosives to photographer's equipment to the rock n' roll bands audio equipment.

Some SKB Case products are injected molded and designed for safe transportation and packaging. In fact, they are military standard (MIL-C-4150J, MIL-STD-648C, MIL-STD-810F) and, therefore, they are 100% waterproof. Furthermore, these SKB cases resist solvents, UV rays, fungus, corrosion, and impact damage. They are used by the U.S. government and military branches. Each one comes with a lifetime guarantee of excellence, and SKB replaces any damaged case on the company's dime.

SKB Cases | Large Selection of SKB Pull Handle CasesLarge SKB Case products, unlike others, don't have problems due to their construction thanks to the rotational molding. These are built to be among the most powerful cases around. These are not fabricated. Each rotationally molded SKB case is made from a lid piece and a base piece. Both of these are constructed at the same time so that they go together flawlessly without seams or exposed spots to allow water penetration. Each one of these cases is 100% watertight and will float if dropped into the water. Each one of these cases also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

 SKB's Stock Transport Containers with Retractable Handles and Wheels (the MR Series) are telescoping and feature the convenience of retractable pull-handles merged with construction that provides maximum strength and durability. These transit cases are molded from high density polyethylene and also feature designed-in "roller-blade" type wheels. Molded-in bumpers prevent damage from heavy impacts. Like every SKB case, these also come with a lifetime guarantee of excellence.

SKB Cases | Rail Pack Cases By SKB From Case ClubSKB's durable Rail Pack Cases enable one to safely transport a wide array of contents. These are industrial cases that go beyond the ratings ceiling of the ATA 300, category 1 rating system. SKB Rail-Pack Utility Cases are designed to last a lifetime even under conditions of heavy abuse. The LP Series Shipping Cases are among the biggest selling maximum security transportation cases in the world. These are molded from U.S. military-specified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and will hold specialized equipment firmly in place. They are heavy duty, have a low-profile and feature built-in wheels as well as a multiplicity of handles to facilitate ease of transportation.

The standard features on the SKB Stock Low Profile ATA Transport Cases with Wheels include:

  • Heavy duty built-in wheels and durable spring-loaded end handles to deliver effortless mobility.
  • Prominent bumpers to protect gasket aluminum valance at every critical impact point.

SKB clearly manufacture a variety of different cases to meet an array of different protection and transportation needs. Whether one's primary concern is carrying cases, shipping cases, or storage cases, an SKB case makes for a superior choice and CaseClub has the best choices of SKB Cases.

SKB Cases

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