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Shipping Cases | SKB Transport ContainersWhen you are looking for some of the strongest and most durable Shipping Cases, there are a variety of great brands, sizes and price ranges to consider. When you are looking for military standard shipping, transporting and storage cases, Pelican cases and SKB rotationally molded cases are some of the strongest and most durable cases made. Whether you are looking for protection from high impacts, water-tight protection or shock, drop and jolt resistant cases, these Shipping Cases can protect all of your valuable computer equipment, electronic equipment, guns, camera equipment and even your iPod or Smartphone.

Whether you are protecting camera and photography equipment, guns, rifles, shotguns or hunting bows, computers and monitors, laptops or notebooks, projectors, video equipment, plasma televisions, or you just need airline carry-on cases, portfolio cases, tool boxes, soft-sided cases, rack-mount cases or telescope cases, there are Shipping Cases to meet your needs at one of the leading case suppliers. In fact, there are a variety of manufacturers besides Pelican and SKB to consider. Pelican cases, Seahorse cases and SKB cases are great brands of Shipping Cases to consider.

Shipping Cases | ATA Approved Wheeled CasesFor example, Seahorse Shipping Cases can withstand the abuse of harsh environments. They are lightweight and made from injection molded tough polypropylene. Because they contain a perimeter O-ring seal, they are watertight and airtight and can protect your valuables from any contaminants, including dust. They won't dent, chip or lose their finish. Not only are they stylish Shipping Cases, but they are economical and come with corrugated, pre-molded foam inserts to keep your valuables protected during transport.

When you think about some of the shipping disasters that can happen while transporting valuable, sensitive equipment, tools and electronics across the country, it is important that you have the strength and protection you need. The type of Shipping Cases you need might depend on whether you need easy deployment, like wheeled Shipping Cases can offer, or whether they can be stacked during transport and stored, where you need cushion foam inserts or ribbed tops and bottoms for additional support.

Shipping Cases | Wood Rack In A Case By Case ClubBecause there are many different types of guns, electronics, computers and audio-visual equipment or photography equipment that might need to be stored in a variety of harsh conditions, you can find Shipping Cases to protect your assets. You can protect your laptop in marine conditions with Shipping Cases that have water-tight seals and finishes that are corrosion proof. No matter what you need to ship or transport, you can find the perfect Shipping Cases that are crush-proof, can handle high impacts and offer 100% waterproof seals, lifetime guarantees and some brands even include content guarantees to insure your valuables during shipping.

For those that are on the move because of trade shows, military deployment, public speaking engagements or sporting events, there are a variety of Shipping Cases, Carrying Cases, and Storage Cases that come with Custom Foam Inserts. You can find them by visiting Case Club at

Shipping Cases

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