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Seahorse Cases | SE 300FPI CaseOur Seahorse cases are scientifically designed to protect your most valuable equipment. These cases can withstand extreme abuse and harsh environments. Our Seahorse cases are designed to be stylish and durable. Seahorse cases are hard cases made of polypropylene injection molding. In addition to being rugged, our Seahorse cases are lightweight, airtight, watertight, economical, and fire-retardant. We include a perimeter O-Ring to seal out the elements and protect the case's contents from dust, dirt, water, and other contaminants. Our Seahorse cases, for shipping or for carrying, won't chip, dent, or lose their finish. At Case Club we pride ourselves on our customer service being just as good as the cases we sell. We are confident that we have everything you need in terms of reliability, strength, and the ultimate protection of your valuable materials.

Let's look at the features and specs on some of our Seahorse cases.

SE-300FP1 Seahorse Cases are for protecting your handgun and family. This seahorse case is can withstand a substantial amount of abuse from extremely harsh environments. The SE-300FP1 comes with a pre-molded foam configuration that will hold your handgun. The case also includes pockets to hold extra magazines and accessories for your handgun. The cases is molded from strong polypropylene. The SE-300FP1 Seahorse cases are rugged, lightweight, watertight, airtight and inexpensive. This case also comes with a built-in padlock holes for extra security.

If you have several handguns you want to protect from the elements the polypropylene molded SE-540FP4 case is the perfect option. You can store up 4 pistols in this case, including 1911 model revolvers. You can easily retrieve your pistols by the handle, because the guns rest in a foam pocket with the muzzle of the gun facing down. There are also several pockets to store extra magazines and accessories.

SE-520 Seahorse Cases are perfect for storing small valuables from rare collectibles to expensive electronic equipment. The SE-520 was designed for style and durability. This case is molded from polypropylene. A perimeter o-ring prevents the outside elements from entering the case. We also carry a line of fireproof Seahorse Cases. These cases offer the same protection as the SE series and more. If you want to protect your valuables in the event of a fire, the SX series of Seahorse cases is what you need.

These are only a few of the Seahorse cases we offer. Please explore our inventory to choose the best case that fits your needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff. We feel justified in saying that Seahorse cases are the some of the best carrying cases available on the market today.

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