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Pina Zangaro | Machina Screwpost CoversAt Case Club, we offer a wide array of protective cases, covers, and accessories, such as Pina Zangaro, to enable you to show off your art work while at protecting at the same time. once protecting it. If you're an artist or graphic designer who needs to look professional, we are confident Pina Zangaro products will allow you to do just that. The Pina Zangaro product line provides protection and facilitates presentation. We offer Pina Zangaro products at competitive prices.

We offer portfolio covers in both screwpost and multi-ring formats. From synthetic leather to translucent acrylic, you will always find materials that make you look and feel sharp and professional while you protect your treasured creations. We are proud to say that Pina Zangaro portfolio covers are widely regarded as the best that money can buy. That's what they are made to accomplish.

Pina Zangaro | Rossano Screw Post CoversWe offer a couple of different ways of binding your documents and artwork into a portfolio book. We make polypropylene sheet protectors, and our classic welded protectors are an industry standard for high quality archival preservation and artwork or documents presentation. Our folded polyester sheet protectors provide you with superior clarity of polyester as well as a thick, black liner sheet. At Case Club, we are confident the Pina Zangaro offer the highest quality polyester sheet protectors that you can buy today. They are made "perfect" for multi-ring portfolios as well as three-ring binders.

You can also benefit from jackets. Pina Zangaro also makes zippered, black nylon presentation jackets that serve a dual purpose of offering protection against the elements as well as a stylish way of packaging your portfolio. We also make thick padded nylon transport jackets that come with a rugged Velcro closure. This jacket is carefully designed to protect your portfolio against damage.

Pina Zangaro | Boro Attache CasesWe have Pina Zangaro binders to meet your needs, too. From what we offer you can choose from among Machina binders of brushed aluminum; Frost binders of frosted acrylic; Bex binders of linen bookbinder's cloth that come in three different colors; Tera binders pressed hardboard; and Rossano binders of synthetic leather. Whether you are a student, professor, or professional, there is a Pina Zangaro binder that can protect your materials, while giving you the right appearance.

We offer attaché cases of lightweight, yet, sturdy hand-sanded aluminum for those of who need a distinctive case to transport documents and artwork. Our Attaché 2 is made for oversized items. You get a sleek looking case with a steel handle, integral hinge, secure latches, and an acrylic display window.

Pina Zangaro can give you the edge you need during a presentation with potential employers or clients. Pina Zangaro has the perfect products and accessories professionals need.

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