The Pina Zangaro Portfolio Covers

Pina Zangaro Portfolio | Screw PostsA Pina Zangaro portfolio is one of the finest portfolios you can buy. The Pina Zangaro portfolio can be customized to your specific needs and desires. We define the two primary categories of the Pina Zangaro portfolio in accordance with their binding mechanisms: 3-Ring binders or screw posts.

A Pina Zangaro portfolio binder comes in portrait or landscape and can be used with standard 3-hole punched sheets; Polyester 3-hole sheet protectors, Polypropylene Express Sheet Protectors or 8.5 or 11 adhesive hinge strips. Why would you want a Pina Zangaro 3-ring Binder? Consumers know they can get a vinyl binders anywhere but more and more of them know that for a really cool binder, they need to buy a Pina Zangaro.

Pina Zangaro Portfolio | Frost Screw Post Covers DetailMeanwhile, a Pina Zangaro portfolio with screw posts can have two, three, or four screw posts on the binding edge, depending on the size of the portfolio. All of the screw post portfolio books polypropylene sheet protectors. These have a welded edge acting as a hinge so that the pages lie flat. We don't recommend the use of polyester sheets with screw post books. Our screw post books also feature a slim profile which you can expand with extensions. The Pina Zangaro portfolio is practical and functional as well as stylish. If you like the regular screw post portfolios consider our Frost Screw post Portfolio Books. These portfolio books are all handmade with strong 1/8 frosted acrylic covers for simultaneously presenting and protecting your precious works of art. Each portfolio is bound in soft, black bookbinder's cloth and comes with 10 archival quality sheet protectors, a zippered black nylon presentation jacket, and screw post extensions. They are all packaged in a clear archival polypropylene case.

Pina Zangaro Portfolio | Machina Screw Post CoverLet's look at all the different ways that you can protect and present your artwork or other materials with a Pina Zangaro portfolio. We have 11 x 8.5 portrait portfolios in Machina, Frost, Vista, Bamboo, Bryant, and Colmar.. With our Machina, you get a satin aluminum finish. Our Frost gives you frosted acrylic with a bookbinder's cloth spine. Bamboo is ideal for packaging artwork and documents because it is light, strong, distinctive and renewable. The Vista is available in three colors: snow opaque white, glossy; mist translucent, matte and Onyx - opaque black matte. Bryant and Colmar are the newest presentation books for spring. The advantages of Screwpost covers are they are less prone to malfunction, they have a slimmer profile and they are perceived as more professional. The Portfolio covers come in two screw posts or three screw posts. We also provide these portfolio covers in a 14 x 11 portrait format. With these your binding type may be four screw posts. Finally, we even offer these cover styles in 11 x 17 landscape portfolio covers, which may come with two or three screw posts.

Whether you prefer or need 3-ring binder or screw post, a Pina Zangaro portfolio is the right choice.

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