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Pelican Rifle Cases | Pelican 1700 rifle case is the shortest Pelican rifle casePelican rifle cases are designed to satisfy the most demanding of riflemen. There are three primary functions of Pelican Rifle Cases:

1) Protecting the rifle during transport.
2) Preventing someone from getting to the rifle while it's in storage.
3) Complimenting the look and feel of the rifle.

Pelican rifle cases were designed with the military in mind. These are durable military-style rifle cases that help to match the theme. There are Pelican rifle cases that are made of polypropylene copolymer for the gun owner who has a rifle or shotgun; these cases can have a camouflaged exterior. Those are merely two examples of many. Pelican rifle cases are used by many different type of rifleman, from the person who goes hunting once a year to the professional who carries a gun on a daily basis. Case Club, an authorized dealer of Pelican products, has several rifle cases to choose.

Pelican Rifle Cases | Pelican 1740 Rifle Case | Watertight, Crushproof and DustproofPelican rifle cases have been designed to protect guns from any situation including heavy impacts, inclement weather, and the prying hands of children. Every gun case has a built-in lock, since Pelican understands that the number one priority of all gun owners is safety. Pelican rifle cases are engineered to provide more than just durability and safety, however; they are also aesthetically pleasing. With Pelican one can find a gun case in a myriad of different exteriors to go with just about any application.

Pelican rifle cases are extensively used in occupations where failure is not an option. Pelican gun cases are specially engineered to be watertight to a depth of 30 feet, unbreakable, dust-proof, and corrosion proof. They come with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. Furthermore, Pelican gun cases are designed to be highly resistant to chemical attack and built to protect rifles even in the most extreme conditions. This is why they are used in every branch of the US Military, the US Navy Seals, state and local police, professional hunters, and search and rescue organizations.

Pelican Rifle Cases | Pelican 1750 Rifle Case made for longer RiflesAnother thing that Case Club offers to the rifleman is custom foam inserts for his rifle case. Custom foam inserts may require more time to make than stock foam, but it's only a matter of a couple of days. Case Club can figure out any rifle custom foam insert solution for any Pelican Cases, so gun owners can spend their time doing more important things. And even though custom foam does cost more money than stock inserts, it's not much more--and one gets the quality that one wants for added protection of one's gun.

Pelican is a professional's professional company when it comes to protecting guns. Pelican rifle cases and custom foam inserts are every gun user's perfect solution. Find out more about carrying and storage cases for your rifle at

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