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Pelican Laptop Case | Pelican 1620 For Multiple LaptopsIf you have heard of Pelican Cases, the American multi-national leading case maker, then a Pelican Laptop Case doesn't need a long introduction. For those that need the best protection in a rugged and durable case, a Pelican Laptop Case offers a variety of choices that range from an aluminum shell that can be taken to an important business meeting to the rugged water models that are for those extreme conditions. When you need a waterproof hard laptop case, a Pelican Laptop Case can do the job. There are several waterproof models, like the Pelican 1490CC, which can accommodate a 15.4" laptop.

All Pelican Laptop Case models in the 1400 series can accommodate larger laptops. The 1400 series features hard exteriors and waterproof protection. They can be shipped anywhere and come with lifetime guarantee.

The newest Pelican Laptop Case is the Pelican 1090 Laptop Case, which is currently the slimmest, unbreakable laptop case manufactured. This Pelican Laptop Case is watertight, airtight, dust proof and corrosion proof. It features a plush foam liner that protects your notebook from scratches and those bumps that can occur, along with an O-ring seal, vent with Gore-Tex membrane for auto pressure balance and a durable, easy snap aluminum latch that is easy to use.

Pelican Laptop Case | Pelican 1490CC1There are many people who may already be familiar with Pelican Cases because they may have personal electronics protected by by Pelican case products. Other great Pelican Cases include the Pelican Waterproof Cases, which come in soft-shelled versions, where you can work your camera or your touch screen Smartphone through the protective case. The Pelican Gun Cases are popular for those in the police, SWAT and military. Many sportsmen love them because they are built rugged and tough for all kinds of extreme conditions. Gun cases also feature the O-ring offering watertight protection that Pelican Cases are known for.

Pelican Laptop Case | Pelican 1495CC1 With Unique Four Latch SystemWhen it comes to the most rugged case you can get to protect your laptop, it's no wonder that a Pelican Laptop Case is one of the top choices. Pelican manufactures some of the most affordable storage, carrying and shipping cases for whatever purpose you require. A Pelican Laptop Case offers the best protection but will be more affordable than many other cases that don't have the smart design and construction. Whether you need to make a smart impression in the business world or need the most practical durability in the industrial world, your laptop is secured and protected when you use a Pelican Laptop Case.

Because of the custom foam inserts, you can buy a variety of Pelican Cases and customize them to your liking. Just because you want to transport, store or ship your laptop doesn't mean you can't do it in some of the other models of cases that can divide your other valuable electronics and protect them. Whether you are looking for a Pelican Laptop Case, or need a larger Carrying Case, Storage Case or Custom Foam Insert, offers the best deals.

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