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Pelican Hard Case | Pelican 1510locWhat do you get with a Pelican hard case? You get a case that has been scientifically engineered to be unbreakable, dust-proof, watertight, waterproof to a depth of 30 feet and corrosion proof. All Pelican cases come with a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, every Pelican hard case is made to be highly resistant to chemical attacks and able to protect your important materials during severe conditions. That is why you'll always find Navy Seals, Police and Fire Departments, and Search and Rescue teams worldwide depending on Pelican Hard Case products.

Every Pelican hard case takes the concepts of "hard case", "durable", "total protection" and "tough" to whole new level. We are confident that every Pelican hard case is made to outperform the competition. You may need a Pelican case to protect valuables that are shipped on a regular basis, exposed to potential water damage and high humidity or protected against recurrences of extreme or sudden jolts. Whatever the situation you need it for, we believe that your Pelican hard case will always serve you better than any other case of its kind. And we always offer a lifetime guarantee, backing up our confidence and giving you a truly "risk free" investment.

Peliican Hard Case | Pelican 0550Pelican prides itself on making cases that are easy to open, even with the tightest locks in the business. This is possible through Pelican's patented “double throw” latch design. When you open the case, the different parts of the latches press against themselves to open up the case. So, while you have a tightly sealed case, you also have an easy to open case.

Pelican cases are even design with a pressure release valve, so that the interior of the case fills up with air, enabling the owner of the case to open it at high altitudes. Yet, as already pointed out, a Pelican hard case is still air tight.

Pelican Hard Case | Custom Foam InsertsWhat else do you get with a Pelican hard case? You have the option with most of our cases of having custom foam inserts installed in your case. We are the custom foam insert specialists. Send us your valuables or a schematic of your valuables and we'll make custom foam insert to install in your case. A custom foam insert offers your valuables more protection, more stability, and more organization for your precious equipment. Furthermore, when you have a Pelican hard case with a custom foam interior, you have an interior that won't fall apart like "pick and pluck" does over time. You can't get more protected than that.

Don't hesitate to come to us and check out the ways in which a Pelican hard case can make for your ideal valuables and equipment protection solution.

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