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Pelican Gun Cases | Pelican 1700 With Custom Foam InsertsEvery gun owner knows the value of a good gun case to protect their investment. Pelican Gun Cases are made for the severe conditions you might face, whether you are a sportsmen, military or police. When you consider that Pelican Gun Cases are built strong, unbreakable, watertight they are the gun cases that many people turn to when they need protect their guns. Every Pelican gun case also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

With Pelican Gun Cases, your handgun, shotgun or rifle fits snug in a custom foam insert secure from dust, moisture and other harmful outdoor elements. These are watertight because of the O-ring seal, which allows the case to be submerged without water penetrating it. An automatic pressure equalization valve also lets air move freely in and out when traveling at high altitudes. Pelican Gun Cases also are crush proof.

Pelican Gun Cases | Pelican 1780 With Custom Foam InsertsPelican Gun Cases come in a variety of sizes. You can get the Pelican 1150 Case for a handgun or multiple guns. The largest Pelican Gun Cases, such as the Pelican 1770 Case measures up to military standards and is made from Ultra High Impact structural co-polymers. The 1770 features hard rubber transport wheels, a retractable extension handle and has multiple fold down carrying handles so that two people can carry them through rugged terrain. Pelican Gun Cases also feature high density foam dividers to protect your guns from damaging impacts and vibrations.

Pelican Gun Cases have a Lifetime Guarantee. Even car accidents or animal attacks won't compromise these protective cases. Of course, they offer lock locations and you can order the optional combination locks for your Pelican Gun Cases, which is what every responsible gun owner is concerned about. You can rest assured that these affordable Pelican cases. are some of the best money can buy. Pelican Gun Cases come in a variety of colors that include Green, Black, and Desert Tan for the larger models and Orange, Blue, Silver and Yellow for smaller models.

Pelican Gun Cases | Pelican 1750 With Custom Foam InsertsWhile you might not realize it at first glance, the Pelican Gun Cases go through months of design and planning to give you the best features you can find in gun cases. Because they must stand up to the rigorous testing required for military use, police departments and SWAT teams, they feature the highest quality design elements and the ultimate in protection when it comes to the ice, sleet, rain and extreme hot and cold conditions. When you need the most reliable and toughest, yet affordable Carrying Cases or Storage Cases for your guns, Pelican Gun Cases offer everything you need. Visit for more information.

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