Pelican Cases 1600

Pelican Cases 1600Model The Pelican Cases 1600 model is “guaranteed unbreakable,” airtight, watertight, and corrosion proof. The Pelican Cases 1600 model features an o-ring seal to keep it watertight no matter what the weather conditions are. Our automatic pressure equalization valve has been designed to let air to move in and out of the case freely; and this means that there is no vacuum effect at high altitudes. The reinforced stainless steel padlock-able holes are perfect for attaching a lock to the case and keep the contents secure. The Pelican Cases 1600 model comes empty, with foam, or with padded dividers that are perfect for many situations.

The standard features that we include with the Pelican Cases 1600 model include:

- Fold-down handle
- O-ring Seal
- Purge Valve
- 4 Easy open Double-Throw latches
- Blank Nameplate with an option to personalize

Pelican Cases 1600 | Shown With Custom Foam InsertsThe Pelican Cases 1600 model also may be outfitted with several optional features. One of these is our replacement four-piece pick and pluck foam set. Also known as diced foam, pinch and tear, or perforated foam, these inserts are made up of blocks which are vertically pre-scored, high-density foam that can be easily "plucked" out in the shape of the piece of equipment you want to store in the case. If you want an even more exact fit for the ultimate protection against weather and rough circumstances, we can make custom foam inserts. You can send us the item you want to store in the case or a schematic of the item and we will manufacture a custom foam insert for your case.

Pelican Cases 1600 | EMS Cases Available Shown is Pelican Cases 1600 EMSWe are confident the Pelican Cases 1600 model offers unmatched protection for any circumstance. This case is built using Ultra-High impact copolymer, while our large double throw, easy open latches keep the lid from accidentally opening. However, once closed the Pelican 1600 case is very easy to re-open because of the double throw latch. The case is also designed to be waterproof when submerged in up to three feet of water. Even during the the wettest circumstances should never worry when these cases are protecting your valuable contents.

As with all of our cases, the Pelican Cases 1600 comes with our lifetime guarantee: "You break it, we replace it...forever." While this doesn't mean you can simply neglect your case or allow it to be exposed to the harshest environment without proper care and still expect a replacement, any faulty workmanship or any failure of our case to live up to its billing will mean we deliver a brand new Pelican case free of charge. We are absolutely confident that all of our cases are worthy of this guarantee, and our Pelican Cases 1600 model is no exception to that rule.

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